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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Email in: Another GK Help But Two Tourneys in Two Weeks Time :D

"Good Morning Kirby,

First off let me say im loving all the lists you publish, but lets get down to the real problem. Ive had my usual winter off 40K and its getting near tournament time again. Like most years i like to paint something new up and this year ive jumped on the Grey Knight Band wagon. Im at a bit of a lost tbh as ive never played Marines, ive been a Ork Horde, Ork Mek and Tau player over the last few years and evne with the Tau i spammed 50 firewarriors :D

Now here is the major problem or not, one tourney is a week on Saturday and is 1500pt and the following weekend im at a 1750pt one.

Im struggling to make a list which i can escalate up but im not too bothered about building on the 1500 to take it to 1750.

I try to start with a solid core:

2 x 10 Strike Squad with 2 PysCannons 1 MC Hammer, Pysbolt Ammo and a Rhino (590 pts)

Add in the Dreads

2 x Pysrifle Dreads (270 pts)

Add in a Libby with 4 Powers (170 pts)

And finally a small squad of Purifers

5x Purifiers 1 MC Hammer 2 Psycannons 2 Halbeards + Razorback with Psybolt Ammo (204)

This leaves me with the following: 1249 points but what do i spend the rest on and how do i build upto 1750 pts :D

Just for information i have the following available and i realise im going to make a last ditch visit to the LGS and paint next week while off work:

1 Librarian
5 Terminators (Psycannon, Hammer, 3 Halbeards)
10 Purifiers (4 Psycannon, Hammer, 5 Halbeards)
10 Strike Squad (2 Psycannon, Hammer, Swords)
10 Strike Squad (2 Psycannon, Hammer, Swords)
1 DreadKnight (Sword and Incinerator)
3 Razorback/Rhino with HB
1 Rhino
2 TL Autocannon Dreads

So anything using the above.

Also feel free to cut out all the waffle and edit where possible as im writing this fast at work while im waiting for some Software to compile :D

Thanks for your time
Ben Mccarthy"

With the core that you have already set out I'd probably go to something similar to this though that requires you to buy a Chimera + Henchmen stuff. If you aren't looking to go that route I'd run the GKT for the Libby as a foot bodyguard. I personally feel the Chimera option is a lot better because that 6" bubble becomes quite large and a real pain for your opponent. Once you've established a place for your Librarian start adding in small GKSS or Purifier squads with Psybacks for more firepower and bodies.

I'd tend to avoid the combat upgrades on the smaller Purifier squads unless you've got the points spare. At 5 strong they aren't really going to threaten anyone though a sinle hammer is nice to have, it's certainly not needed and more squads/bodies is better honestly. At 1750 you could do something like this:

5x Purifiers w/psycannons, Psyback
5x GKT w/psycannon
2x10x GKSS as above
2x5x GKSS w/psycannon, Psyback
2x Psyfles

That's 1765 so you'd need to point fiddle a bit. At 1500 I might recommend not going the Librarian route but rather grabbing an Inq with TDA + Psycannon to go with the Terminators (and then drop a small GKSS squad).

Best of luck and I'd try and get as many games in before hand since it's a nice army with no prior MEQ experience!

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