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Friday, April 8, 2011

Email in: DE foot list

"Hello Mr. Kirby

I'm trying to write a decent 1K list for my Dark Eldar army. Fighting at that points level is difficult for me as the lists always seem to snowball into two super-blobs of guys, or a bunch of disparate units that can't get anything done.

Fighting at 1000 points is pretty meh in general as you cannot field balanced lists so we have to ask, is this a build-up to a larger list or actually for 1000pt play?

1K Foot DEldar:

Haemonculus Ancient w. flesh gauntlet
Haemonculus w. venom blade, liquifier gun

5 Trueborn w. plasma grenades, dracon w. blast pistol and power weapon, 2 trueborn w. blasters, 2 trueborn w. splinter cannnons

5 Wracks, Acothyst w. venom blade, wrack w. liquifier gun
10 Kablalite Warriors, Sybarite w. power weapon, warrior w. blaster, warrior w. dark lance
10 Wyches w. haywire grenades, Hekatrix w. agonizer, 2 wyches w. shardnet and impaler

3 Beastmasters w. 5 Khymerae, 1 Clawed Fiend, 2 Razorwing Flocks

Talos w. chain-flails, extra close combat weapon

Total: 991 pts.

All over the joint I'm afraid and with very little anti-tank. The Ancient is generally a bad choice and you've tried to make the Trueborn a close-ranged do it all unit without a transport. Wracks are fine as are the Warriors though they don't really need combat upgrades. Wyches are also fine but a single squad is going to get shot to pieces and quickly. I'd drop the Clawed Fiend in favor of Razorwings in the Beastmaster units and drop the Talos all together.

What you then need to do is decide how this is going to work. Are you using webways or going to spam units which can get across the field like large Wych squads and Beastmaster units. The latter is going to have a hard time getting any anti-tank in though particularly at this points level. Anyway, let's see your thoughts.

This is a really scatter-brained list, as my army is Counts-As and I wanted a whole bunch of modelling opportunities. I'm hoping though that I have at least some good melee presence, a few lances to hurt tanks, and a goodly amount of free pain tokens to make sure I can at least advance on the field.
In a bigger list I'm working on a big unit of Bloodbrides, a lot more Wracks, and some more scary monsters to phase it more towards a melee foot list, with Web Way Portals.

I don't know how to run a Dark Eldar foot list(I haven't found a really good article) but a few criticisms would be much appreciated.

All the best to you and your site,


If you're not looking at afull competitive list but rather a modelling list that's fine but we can still tweak it so it's a little bit better whilst keeping variety. First drop the Ancient and give the Haemonculus a WWP. Then change the Wych squad into another Warrior squad for more anti-tank. I'd be looking to get a couple Trueborn squads with blasters in as well and changing the Talos into another Beastmaster squad though if you do keep it, give it a TL-haywire blaster.

As you move up in points grab a 2nd Haemon + WWP, more Troops, more Beasts or add some Reavers/Scourges in and expand upon your Heavy Support obviously. If you didn't want a WWP list and were happy with not spreading out with a bunch of units a core of 15-strong Wych and some Beastmaster screening units. Up to depending upon your modelling wants however.

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