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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Email in: Mech Marines list 1750pts

"Hi Kirby

Taking a que from your SM Mech list, i;ve drawn up a list of my own at 1750points. Please let me kow what you think!


Multi-melta Dread

4x5 Marines in LasPlasRazorback

3xDakka Predators

2x2 Attack Bikes

2 Typhoon Speeders

The one Melta Dread looks out of place, but there was no points for the Autocannons!

I know you guys prefer MM/HF Speeders to Attack Bikes, but don't have the models ATM. For future though, would you suggest dropping something to change the AB to Speeders? If so, what?

What major problems do you see for this list?

I was thinking Avenger and Null Zone for powers? What do you think?

Thank you for the great blog!


Solid overall but remember you've only got 20 scoring bodies at 1750. Bit light so you'll need to be very sure you take good care of them. Because you've got so much ranged firepower the MM Dread is fine and I'd probably run more really. The Attack bikes are also fine but are going to find it hard to hide without an aggressive Rhino/Razorback chassis as your LasPlas don't really want to move forward.

Avenger and Null Zone are fine choices and whilst I don't think the list is as solid as the one you based this off of, it's still got all the right elements there and if you take MM Dreads instead of Riflemen, you've also got some important combat ability and more mobile MMs which are also nice.

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