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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Purgatus! Look what you made me do!

Just a quick post to give lil' Mr Kirby a break. Purgatus has been tempting me into getting some bugs for a little while now. When you post sweet-ass models like this and this, you can't help but get people interested. When we took a recent trip to Maelstrom to play at BlogWars, Ms BroLo thoroughly enjoyed The 6th Degree's Tyranids and has been itching for me to get some. Well... when I'm attacked on 2 fronts what else am I suppose to do? That's right, you cave-in and buy some plastic. Well actually, the missus did (double win!). As I know she now reads 3++, I'll say thanks again to her! Hook, line and sinker! =D

Here are a few pics of my first 4 genestealers. I hate the standard... "RAWR I'M WAVING MY 4 ARMS AT YOU!"... look. I've gone for something more along the lines of the Space hulk genes. And who doesn't love scything talons?

Just for a little extra, here are 2 of my final 4 terminators for my shooty squads. Sentinal missile launchers and havoc launchers just got a lot cooler!


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