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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sisters of White Dwarf

I know it's late but hey. Sisters of Battle has been confirmed as a two-part piece in White Dwarf. Meh. I know you want to sell your crappy magazine Games Workshop, but forcing us to buy it for rules eh. I'm happy to do this if the rest of the magazine wasn't just a big advertisement for yourselves. Maybe put some content in it and get rid of the whole Standard Bearer (and the guy who writes it) thing.

Then you might actually be able to use White Dwarf as a supplement to your games, i.e. Erratas and timely FAQs which people would happily buy the magazine for. Maybe some actual in-depth discussion about your games and some excellent hobbying articles wouldn't go amiss either...

Ah well let's see what this brings. I've heard the whole Faith system has been re-worked but remains in place and Sisters of Battle are significantly cheaper. Let's hope for nice plastic sculpts with 10 chicks in a box. Ha!

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