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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Backlinks Updated

So I spent most of this morning updating all the backlinks in the blog. That means all the Armies in 5th, Codex Reviews, How To's and importantly, Useful Articles Archive is up to date. Finally. I had slacked off from early March...

I've changed up a few things as well. First, the article series page is gone and melded with the Useful Articles Archive. In its place we have the Comparison page which archives all the unit and army comparisons we have done/will be doing. The page is pretty bare atm with just the links as I cannot at this point, be bothered editing anymore HTML. The Useful Articles Archive has also been changed in its layout. It's still a work in process but should now be easier to find information regarding specific armies. I need to work on the layout obviously to make it easier on the eyes and probably split the first two subheadings (All Armies and Game System) up as 50% of the links appear there. Any feedback or ideas in regards to making the page prettier and easily navigated would be appreciated.

And with that I am going to rest my eyes! Again, great post to leave any feedback/wants/needs, etc. in relation to what 3++ does for you.

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