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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Email in: 1850 Tyranid list



I've been following your blog for a while, but decided since its 'Nid week, I should email in. I have been playing a fluffy/friendly Tyranid list, but I've decided I want to break into the more competitive build styles. One thing that really gave me difficulty with my old list was DoW deployment, for instance, I could deploy my Flyrant up far, but I couldn't deploy a gargoyle screen. In this list I wanted to plan DoW deployment a bit better. Anyway, here goes:

Prime, LS+BS, Deathspitter

Hive Guard x3
Zoanthrope x3 in spore
Ymgarl x8

Termagant x30
Termagant x10

Tervigon, TS, AD, Cata x1
Tervigon, TS, AD, Cata, Ons x1

Genestealer, TS x18
Genestealer, ST x5

Carnifex, 2 devs, AD, Frag x1

Here's the plan:

Prime joins Carnifex to add durability. Tervigons can give the large brood of genestealers and whatever else FNP. Or one could give onslaught to Hive Guard or Fexstar if needed. The brood of five genestealers with talons outflank, mainly to discourage castling in a corner. The termagants are split unevenly so that the brood of 30 can give cover to Fexstar, trail back to Tervigon for buffs, receive FNP as a large brood, while the smaller can sit and claim an objective.

I have a couple points on which I am undecided:

Move 1 Tervigon to HQ. Obviously it cannot claim objectives, but it does give me the advantage for deployment in Dawn of War. I can deploy 1 Tervigon, 30 termagants, and 18 genestealers, which those three seem to work well together. If I keep Tervigon as troop, it can score (but I don't see myself lacking in scoring troops), but I would probably just outflank the large and small brood of genestealers.

I have also considered a list that drops the prime and adds a spore for Carnifex, regen and crushing claws for the Tervigon without Onslaught.

Or, I could move 1 Terv to HQ, drop the brood of 10 termagants, and one from the brood of 30, and still afford Regen and CC on the other Terv, giving it much more survivability and tank killing power.

Feedback is appreciated!

Some good things and bad things. The good - Prime + Fexstar. Genes w/Toxin. Tervigons + Gant screens. The bad - huge disparity in Troop numbers. Elites. Let's look at Troops first. The 30 mob doesn't need to be this big, you can quite easily put them in front whilst still getting cover and bonuses from the Tervigons. You don't ever really need a higher number than 15 for Termagants you buy and I'd rather just see them both at 10. The 2nd Genestealer squad also needs buffing and Toxin Sacs. Don't bother with Outflank. Infiltrate them both. Give em both FNP and your opponent has to dedicate quite a bit of firepower to them for them to die and they are scary in combat.

Then the Elites. Zoans + Spore is fine but you have no Hive Tyrant so they come in on a 4+ T1. Not reliable so I'd drop the spore to be honest. Ygmarls are an okay unit but if you're taking Zoans as well, then you only have one HG unit. So either take the Zoans on foot or the Ygmarls to support the Genestealers. Again though, 4+ is pretty unreliable. The 2nd unit needs to be Hive Guard so you have at least some reliable anti-tank at range. You'd then have 12x S8 shots (2x3 HG units) + the Dakkafex and whatever else you put in the 3rd Elites (i.e. Zoans).

Also, don't bother with the Deathspitter on the Prime. Give it Regen and Toxin to make it scarier in combat and better able to absorb wounds.

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