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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Email in: Problems with Grey Knight list


"Hello Kirby!

I really enjoy your blog. I especially liked your opinion on (the lack of) socializing in gaming stores.
Recently I started playing grey knights, and of course I bought and painted the ones who appealed to me aesthetically.
(paladins, and a dreadknight who took me ages to convert into a cool pose.)

I'm now having alot of trouble deciding what direction to go in. I don't really want to play a Draigowing, but still want to make use of paladins.
Thinking about taking a Land Raider, but i would rather have them out on the field to make better use of their Psycannons.

My current plan looks something like this:

Librarian w/ Shrouding, Sanctuary, Quicksilver, Might, Summoning

5x. Grey Knights Strike Squad w/ Psycannon & MC Hammer - PsyBack
5x. Grey Knights Strike Squad w/ Psycannon & MC Hammer - PsyBack

5x. Purifiers w/ 2x. Psycannon & MC Hammer - Rhino
5x. Purifiers w/ 2x. Psycannon & MC Hammer - Rhino

5x. Paladins w/ 2x. MC Psycannon, Brotherhood banner.

1x. Nemesis Dreadknight w/ Heavy Incinerator, Nemesis greatsword, Personal transporter

The thought is that Draigo and Libby go with the paladins. Having one unit of 800+ points feels extremely awkward, but they can take so much shooting with shrouding for everything less than S8, and Draigos 3++ for everything that would instakill the paladins. Still, with concentrated shooting by demolishers etc, they are dead.

I'm hoping that the rest of my army can play aggressively enough to force my enemy to divide their shooting. Not that confident it will work though. I would really appreciate some suggestions, not looking for an ultra competetive list but something that can at least hold their own.

Best regards,
Marcus Allard"

You don't really need Draigo Marcus though having a Grandmaster would be nice. The problem is of course as you said, you then have a lot of points in a single unit. Do you then want the 3+ cover saves or the flexibility the Grandmaster gives you? I'd probably go with the Grandmaster here. 3+ cover is great but isn't always going to work. Grand Strategy does even if it's a bit random. With that in mind I'd also drop the Brotherhood banner. You're gaining attacks and auto-casting the Force Weapons but I'd prefer to keep it on larger squads since you sacrifice a nemesis weapon to get it. How are you equipping your Paladins as well? There should be at least one hammer in there then majority halberds (a sword is okay but I prefer to maximise my attacks). Some grenades on the Grandmaster and you're set.

So what to fill out the rest of the army with? The MSU Purifiers and GKSS are fine though I'd be looking to get more GKSS squads if possible to get more targets + bodies. The Dreadknight is also okay but you need at least two of them really and dropping the 200+ points on them can feel quite steep. If you don't want to purchase another one though I'd at least look at getting Psyfledreads instead. This gives you ranged punch which you need and isn't expensive.

The higher the point levels the better obviously and the Paladins are always going to be a target. There's a lot of points in that single unit so the more you can support them with other units which are still effective, the better.

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