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Friday, August 19, 2011

Collect and paint an army in 3 weeks (Part 4). Finally got pics taken!

So boys and girls, once again, it has been a while!

What to tell you? Well, I finished painting the army on time and then took it to the Mayhem Mayfest Tournament in Tolworth! Once I'd been to the tournament I had one of my MSc case studies to do (in only four days, which was not good), I got that done and since have had my feet up!

The photo to the left is the "Team" I am a part of and we are familiar faces on the tournament circuit, particularly in the South of the country, Team: Not Arrogant, Just Better (for this tourney we renamed ourselves Not Arrogant, Just Morphed).

Anyhow, without further ado, here are pictures of the full 1750pt army!

Starting off with the big man himself, Orkimedes, accompanied by his Deathwing Command Unit including Mad Dok Grotsnik (Apothecary with Cyclone), I attempted to replicate the look of the normal model and so the head is similar, as is the power claw, I also added a little red cross on the shoulder to mark him out clearly as the apothecary. Also joining Orkimedes is Makari, Ghazgkull's old standard bearer, he is a grot and, as such, this meant I had to try and make him look small which I think worked quite well, he has a comedy helmet and a grabba stikk as a symbol of the strife of life as a grot! Orkimedes himself has a personal kustom force field (no game effect).

Next we have the other four Deathwing Squads, all have 5 Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields and 1 Cyclone Missile Launcher.

Next up we have the three Auto/Las Preds, with cheeky Ork Tank Kommandas!

I also photoshoped up an army list and an army history (which most likely murders the fluff but is meant to be nothing more than amusing) and put them in a display stand each. This kind of thing can really make your army stand out when it comes to judging, I however forgot to take them, which REALLY irritated me!

So, that was the full army, I played the six games with mixed results, think it was 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses. Pretty furstrating as I feel I played pretty well but I had some pretty dire luck here and there (5 termies shooting then assaulting grotsnik and 5 kommandos and ALL dying) didn't help much on base swap being the worst example!

At the end, we got to the results and in particular Best Painted Army. There were a number of beautifully painted armies there, I didn't feel particularly confident. I won't use people's full names as I don't know whether they'd want their names broadcast on the internets but Darran's Ultramarines didn't place, nor did Jame's Pre-Heresy Luna Wolves (as I said before, competition was VERY strong). A guy whose name eludes me came 3rd with his Blood Angels, my very close firned and team-mate Rich came 2nd with his Grey Knights (I'll make an effort to photograph them as they are awesome). At this point, given that there were still at least 2 people whose armies I thought were amazing not announced I figured I hadn't placed but I was totally surprised when they then called me out as winner!

As I've already said, the competition was very very strong so it was a real honour to win!

(When you see it, you will shit bricks).

The other trophies were then announced, all of whom ere in my team! Luke won Most Sporting Opponent (and came in the top 10, those two being somewhat unusual in these parts!), Steve came 2nd overall and generalship and Mike won overall and generalship AND we won best team!

Anyhoo, it isn't that long until the next Mayhem Tournament: click here for details (IMO, it's the best tournament in England). So it's time for me to paint a new army, I've said to BroLo I'll paint Dark Eldars!

I will make a video of a painting guide if people want one for my Deffwing too.

I hope you all like the picutres and sorry for the delay!

Ru xxx

EDIT: I almost forgot this last pic, it is the 5 objective markers I made for the Brighton Tournament a few weeks ago, the bases are standard infantry slottas to give you some idea of scale!

The cheeky chappy is meant to be the Ork alternative of a Troll Scientist and the contraption is a Troll car.

BYSIE! xxxx

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