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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Comp Failure - DaBoyz GT

I'm going to link it. You're going to break it.

Your minimum score MUST be 30 or it's not allowed and then the judges can tack on further points if they wish. This score will comprise over 25% (26.7%) of your total score for the tournament.

Now the missions...

Mission 1 - Kill Points with a special rule where you basically cast the Eldar psychic power Doom on any unit for the whole game...this helps MSU as they don't care if one of their squad dies and MSU is something you've tried to kick in the balls with your crappy comp. It's 2 KP though so yay! Objectives for secondary but player placed and I'm not sure how many there are.

Mission 2 - it's like Kill Points but vastly benefits the player who kills things last. Pro tip: don't go first in this mission. Oh and KP are the secondary, awesome.

Mission 3 - Good solid primary there, well done. But 3/3 missions with spearhead deployment (advantage shooting armies) and 3/3 missions with Kill Points as Primary or Secondary. Naughty.

Mission 4 - Ask Fantasy how random terrain effects are working? Poorly? Hmm, so why are we using them here? Not a good idea and then you slap shooting lists for keeping units in their deployment zone. As annoying as this is, Spearhead makes it dumb since I can deploy on the wings of the deployment zone and still affect the tabletop very well and then simply step out of the deployment zone Turn 5. Oh and impassable anything = bad.

Mission 5 - Finally, non-spearhead deployment (though your Deployment says spearhead and then tells me to deploy using Dawn of War...). There shouldn't be impassable terrain for objectives to ignore and WHY ARE THEY MOVING and why is the WHOLE game night fight? Shooting army = yay the objectives moved into your deployment zone *shoots you dead with minimal retaliation*. Assault army = yay the objectives moved into your deployment zone, goodluck shooting me! Bad, bad, bad. Random is not good for a tournament setting beyond what the game lays out for us such as Random Game Length and the dice.

To the actual tournament...

Random match-ups for first three rounds. Bad. Three seal clubbings, awesome! Where's the 6th mission? Where's the 5th edition emphasis on Troops? Most of your missions do not require actual Troops as scorers and there's a heavy emphasis on killing and random factors rather than actual tactical play. You can play a perfect game and lose because of random mission factors. Add in a comp system, which is meh and what edition of 40k are you playing?

Anyway, let's see what you guys can come up with in terms of breaking the comp system. I'm off to play with my Tyranids again and try and keep in mind the missions. I'm looking to Black Templar to abuse the hell out of it =D.

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