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Monday, August 22, 2011

Warmachine Army Review: Quick and Dirty - Cryx

So, these guys won my poll a while back by a landslide. So, what's good, Cryx? Well, Cryx are widely regarded as the most powerful faction by a lot of people (I don't disagree, but hey. To elaborate I don't think they're overpowered, just have the most competitive options). They are undeniably very powerful with a lot of top tier casters. Now, I'm going to quickly go over the entirety of the unit selection, and give it a simple binary yes or no. Why? Because I don't want you to be working on an arbitrary ratings system. I mean, really, what does "4 stars" tell you in the grand scheme of things? So, here we go! The entire Cryx book.... >_>

Now, I should put down a little bit of a forewarning. When  I say "good" I mean literally cream of the crop. There's a lot of "good" casters in the Cryx book that will get a "No." because they just don't compare to some of the other cryx casters. For example, pGaspy is a great caster, but he's no eGaspy. [=


pAsphyxious - No.
eAsphyxious - YES. YES YES YES. YES. Although his feat is sub-par*
pDeneghra - No.
eDeneghra - Yes.
pGoreshade - No.
eGoreshade - No.
Mortenebra - No, yes as a second list (play it against somthing like mercs who struggle with heavy armour).
pSkarre - No. Yes as a second list (armies that struggle with infantry hordes, i.e. Circle Orboros)
eSkarre - Yes.
Terminus - Ugh, tough to say. I'd say probably yes as a second, but he has a lot of hard counters. On that basis no. But if you're feeling lucky, go for it.
The Witch Coven - No.
Venethrax - No, good as a second list though (Legion in particular hate him).
Scaverous - Yes.

*This is a lie.


Deathripper/Nightwretch - Yes (depends on what you wanna do with your list).
Defiler - Yes.
Helldiver- No.
Ripjaw - No.
Stalker - No. Yes with certain casters though. Generally no.
Cankerworm - No
Corruptor - No
Slayer - No
Reaper - Yes
Malice - Yes
Erebus - No
Scavenger - No
Harrower - No, except with people who can boost it's MAT (pSkarre being the big one)
Leviathan - No.
Seether - Yes.
Deathjack - No. Wait, what? Yeah, really. He's only good if you have someone who can take advantage of Necromancy. He has a puny 9.5" threat range, so gtfo. Try him with eDenny, eSkarre or Scavvy though, and let the good times roll.
Nightmare - No. Not bad with certain casters (I like him with eSkarre). But generally, no.


Bane Knights - Nope (inferior to Bane Thralls, with everyone except eGaspy, and arguably the casters who grant stealth).
Bane Thralls - Yes
Bane Thrall UA - Yes
Bile Thralls - Yes
Black Ogruns - No
Bloodgorgers - No
Cephalyx Drudges - No
Cephalyx Overlords - No
Mechanithralls - Yes
Brute Thralls - Not really, mostly for the anti-trample. 
Necrosurgeon - Yes
Revenant Crew + everything they embody - No.
Satyxis Raiders - Yes.
Satyxis UA - Yes
Satyxis Bloodwitches - No
Satyxis Bloodwitch UA - Dear god yes.
Soulhunters - No, except Coven Tier 3
The Withershadow Combine - Yes, yes yes yes.
Blackbane and Co. - Honestly, I think these guys are underrated, but generally no.


Bloat Thrall - No, unless you really can't spring for any other anti infantry (3pts more for biles!)
Machine Wraith - Yes, if you have a point left. I like these guys for sitting in scenario points just being incorp.
Necrotech and Scrap Thralls - No. Scraps are another use for those spare points though. Worth it for morty tiers though.
Pistol Wraith - No, unless you're building shooty Cryx (pDenny and eDenny being the best candidates for this)
Satyxis Raider Captain - Yes if you're running Satyxis or Skarre.
Skarlock - Yes if you have anything worth using him for. Ghost Walk is the best one in my opinion.
Warwitch Siren - Yep. Seriously. Pure gold.
Captain Rengrave- No.
Tartarus - Yes.
Gerlak - No. Unless you're eGaspy.
Darragh Wrathe - Yes.

Ok, well, that's everything. Now, this may seem like an arbitrary post, but I know there's a lot of people who are considering starting the game, and realistically this list can be used to help folks make their first purchases towards an army. Also, these posts put some perspective on when I refer to certain units in examples etc. As to why these units are good? Well, we'll get to that. ;)

Hope some people find this useful, any questions as to why feel free to pop them in the comments, I'm sure myself or some other WM/H player will be more than happy to answer.


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