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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Email in: incorporating Terminators in Coteaz GK list


"Hi Kirby,
I would like to have your opinion on something. You see, I have build a GK list that I feel could have potential, but it is not using any terminators. I really like the terminator models and also like their scare factor and cc potential. So my question is, looking at my list, do you see a way to incorporate them in my list at 1500, that would make the list better, and not worst? I feel like I must take too much out to put the termies.

Here is my list:

GK 1500pts


5x Purifiers (2 halberds, 1 hammer, 2 psycannon) + psyback
5x purifiers (3 halberds, 2 psycannon) + psyback

3x servitors (3 multimelta) + chimera
3x servitors (3 multimelta) + chimera
3x servitors (3 multimelta) + chimera
5x GKSS (1 psycannon) + rhino
5x GKSS (1 psycannon) + psyback
5x GKSS (1 Psycannon, 1 hammer) + psyback

1x RifleDread
1x RifleDread


Why three Servitor squads with MM and a single Inquisitor? If you take a bunch of squads with Heavy Bolters I think it's an okay choice for babysitting objectives - you don't really care if they don't fire. MMs though? Less so, so I'd be looking to change those. I think at 1500 points though you're going to struggle to put GKT into a list like this. You can drop all the Servitor/Chimera combinations and get 255 points, enough for a 5-man GKT squad and then use higher points levels to plunk in some Henchmen units/more Terminators/another Psyfledread.

You're not really maximising Coteaz though, which is fine. By himself he's 100 points of utility awesomeness but replacing the GKSS with small Acolyte squads in Razorbacks is also a viable option and this frees up a lot of points to plug into other options such as Purifiers, Terminators, Interceptors, Dreadnoughts or Paladins you normally can't. So I'd give that serious consideration as well but as you have it setup currently is fine as well.

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