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Monday, September 26, 2011

Email in: Tyranid list


"Hey Will, It's Scott (The Dark Angel on WAU and here) wondering what your thoughts on this Tyranid list are and any pointers you have. I'm not concerned about comp, as if Tyranids could get a 1/5 anyway .

Hive Tyrant - leech essence, paroxysm, hive commander, old adversary, twin-linked devourers (because its better at shaking / stunning than a heavy v-cannon and can kill infantry better too)
1xTyrant guard - lash whip
prime - lash whip and bone sword, rending claws, toxin sacs, regen

2xhive guard
2xhive guard
2xhive guard

tervigon - cluster spines, adrenal glands, toxin sacs, catalyst
tervigon - cluster spines, adrenal glands, toxin sacs, catalyst

tyrannofex - rupture cannon, cluster spines, thorax (larvae)
trygon - adrenal glands

Leaves me with 70 points for a 1750 list

I like biovores but would I really need anymore anti inf. Should the trygon be a prime? I've gone with a no as I don't think I'd need enemy side synapse and a tervigon could easly outflank or the tyrant run up and assault anyway, also that it would probably be running more than shooting.The other option would be to add in another guard of some form, tyrant of hive.Should the tervigons have onslaught? Also like the idea of spore mines being a fun, but would the points be better spent.

Model wise, I've already got a prime a bunch of termagants and the tyrgon (thank you 3rd place) or should I convert it into a tyrannofex or something.

Thanks "

First congrats on your 3rd :). If you change the Trygon to a T-Fex you basically have my list ^^. If you are set on using the Trygon and since you have the model I'd probably go with an extra Tyrant Guard to make your Tyrantstar more durable. A single Trygon and T-Fex though is pretty blah and replacing the Prime with a 2nd Trygon might be a better bet but requires you to buy another Trygon kit.

Otherwise some point shaving (Prime to Tyrant Guard) can net you 2x Biovores or more Hive Guard. Biovores offer some long-ranged anti-infantry which Tyranids lack but aren't hyper reliable whilst more Hive Guard makes punching tanks all that easier though aren't as great against infantry based lists.

In the end I'd probably go the 2nd Trygon route even though they aren't super awesome (why are they 20 feet tall WHY!?), having two gives you reliability and if you reserve them and get both on Turn 2 with Hive Commander, you'll generally find one is getting into combat and smashing face. Remember though starting them on the table is also a viable option, particularly if you can get cover for them. Present your opponent with multiple targets and they can screw up their target priority and you don't have to rely on good reserve rolls, etc.

You could also run the Trygon as a Mawloc which I know Loriness does with great relish. It gives the Tyranid army some tricks which is something they don't really have. Importantly you can push people out of cover and off objectives with the Mawloc and whilst it has a pretty mediocre statline and 160 points for such utility is expensive, it's utility Tyranids cannot get elsewhere. The extra points can then again go into things like more Hive Guard, Tyrant Guards or Biovores.

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