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Monday, October 17, 2011

Email in: Aggressive Space Wolf list 2000 points


"Hiya Kirby!

Been reading your blog for awhile now, and had an idea for a Space Wolves army I haven't seen. I was thinking of ways to fit some WolfGaurd Terminators and Thunder Wolves into a list and this is what I came up with. I thought terminators DSing with pods was a way to replace Wolf Scouts, and a good way to put a bit of early pressure on an enemy. Drop pods hit the dirt Terminators force the enemy to react, and this will help funnel them into my Thunderwolves and Grey hunters zooming across the field (hopefully). The Vindicator is good at dictating enemy deployment to a degree, so could help the terminators have a decent landing zone, or can fire into the clump of units fleeing or pursuing my Terminators. Looks like a fun list, and might even work! (Maybe?)

Rune Priest 120
Runic Armor

Wolf Guard Pack 1
3 WG with CombiMelta and powerfist 129
4 WG in TDA 187
1 with CF, AC
2 with Combimelta
1 with no upgrade
Drop-pod with Death wind 55
Wolf Guard Pack 2
5 WG in TDA 220
1 with CF, AC
2 with Combimelta
2 with no upgrade
Drop-pod with Death wind 55

4 Thunder Wolf Cav 260
SS x, 1 Thunderhammer

GH Pack 170
7 Members, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Mark of the Wulfen, and a Rhino

GH Pack 170
7 Members, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Mark of the Wulfen, and a Rhino

GH Pack 170
7 Members, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Mark of the Wulfen, and a Rhino

Vindicator 125
Siege Shield

Long Fang Pack 150
5 members 4 ML

Long Fang Pack 190
5 members 4 ML
Razorback Las-Plas

44 Infantry (34 scoring)
5 Tanks
3 Pods

I think you're sinking way too many points into those Wolf Guard units which are going to be thrown at the enemy. What makes Wolf Scouts annoyingly effective is they are cheap yet can still cause some backfield distraction by tying up heavy units/killing tanks with reliability. All for 85 points + Wolf Guard. Here you're paying 550+ points to put nine Terminators without Stormshields in front of your opponent... eh not a great idea. Add in the Vindicator which can scatter onto your own guys (who need to be close to use their meltaguns and combat potential) and we don't have a match made in heaven ^^ (plus the TWC later on).

Here's what I'd do - drop the Vindicator for another Long Fangs pack and drop the Pods and give the all the Fangs LasPlas. Turn the Wolf Guard into a midfield unit which has got good firepower, good durability and good combat ability. You do this simply - make use of the multiple options Wolf Guard have available to maximise durability (i.e. Terminator Armor for some, Storm Shields for some), add a Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Stealth Saga (for 3+ cover), chuck storm bolters on all the power armored guys, CMLs on two terminators and some combi-weapons here and there and bang. It'll be expensive but mixing armor will save you a chunk of points yet still let you have 2+ saves against small arms fire and 3++/3+ cover against high AP firepower/combat attacks. The unit can be around six-seven strong + Battle Leader with the other four detaching to join Grey Hunter squads.

With the points saved, add another Grey Hunter squad in a Rhino (Priest goes here without Runic armor) and you can either grab more firepower such as Rifledreads or more combat ability with Iron Priests or TWC squads (who I'd run in squads of three or lots of solos).

The Wolf Guard then give your Grey Hunters midfield support which isn't always combat oriented whilst they can still help the TWC punch faces in and provide more missile firepower to the Long Fangs + LasPlas RBacks (and Riflemen if you got them). You have minimal disruption without Wolf Scouts/Land Speeders but you can buy them instead of TWC if you wish and have less combat potential.

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