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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Email in: Chaos space marines MSU

"Well Kirby, I'm working on my CSM army, I also like blood angels and vanilla marines, but there's nothing quite like the traitor legions. There is no emperor !!!!

Anyways, i'm halfway through painting a box of csm and plague marines, and have come up with this list, See, I want to play chaos space marines and not chaos daemon princes...

so without further ado (@1500p)

Chaos Lord-daemon weapon

8 Khorn Berzerkers-powerfist, rhino
5 Plague marines-2x melta-rhino
5 Plague marines-2x melta-rhino
5 Plague marines-melta, flamer-rhino

Heavy Support
3 Obliterators
3 Obliterators
5 havocs, rhino-4 plasma guns

Good fire support, and then a rhino rush with PMs to open any enemy transports....and 15 FnP marines with T5 is hard to
deal with in anyones book...and we have the zerkers as a counter punch, and the havocs will plasma any nasty super unit or MC to death....
And a cheap HQ. but can kill off a fair few men before dying...
A daemon prince at 130p can't kill as many models...though it still is harder to kill.

What do ya think?"

One of the advantages Chaos has over regular Space Marines is guns on their Rhinos - make sure you always use this option where possible. The base of the army (Plagues + Oblits) is fine but I'd not bother with the Havocs/Zerkers/Lord and rather run three squads of two Oblits for more damage potential, 1-2 Chaos Sorcerers with Lash for some manipulation of your opponent and then Chaos Marines in Rhinos.

This keeps you with some ranged firepower from the Oblits, adds some ability to annoy the hell out of your opponent with Lash without building your list around it and supports the Plagues with CSM. You don't have a real combat threat like the Zerkers but mass CSM can clear out crappy units - the issue with Zerkers is they do the same and still struggle against really hard targets unless they hit them at full force. You also gain some more special weapons + Rhinos through the CSM and saturation is always good.

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