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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Email in: Hello there! List help for tournament needed.


I have read your blog for a year or something and I think it is very good! This is the first time I'm writing for some opinions and help for a list.

I'm attending tournament next weekend so this may come a little(!) late but I thought to ask oursiders opinion on a Space marine list I have planned for the tournament.

The tournament is 1850 points and has the following comps: Max 2 same choices of Elite, Fast attack and Heavy Support(for example only 2 predators). Also no 2 same HQ choices including special characters(so no Eldrad and Farseer for example).

The Scenarios played will all use C&C, Seize ground and Victory points victory conditions(up to 5 objectives for C&C and Seize ground max). Each victory condition is worth 10 Game Points if won and 5 if tied so 0-30 points per game. Various deployments.

My list:

HQ: Librarian: Null zone, Avenger, meltabombs. 105p
Elite: TH/SS Terminators 200p
Transport: LR Redeemer: Multimelta, extra armour. 265p
Troop1: Tactical squad: meltagun, missile launcher. 175p
Transport: Razorback: twin-linked lascannon. 75p
Troop2: Tactical squad: meltagun, missile launcher. 175p
Transport: Razorback: twin-linked lascannon. 75p
Troop3: Scout squad: Sniper rifles, cloaks, HB. 100p
Fast Attack: Land speeder squadron(2): MM/HF x 2. 140p
Fast Attack: Land speeder: TML/HB. 90pts
Heavy Support: Predator: AC/LC. 120pts
Heavy Support: Predator: AC/LC. 120pts
Heavy Support: Devastator squad(6): Missile x 4. 166p
Transport: Razorback: twin-linked heavy bolter. 40p

Total: 1846 points
6 Tanks, 3 Speeders, 37 infantry.

I'm not quite sure about the devastators: 1. stationary firepower and 2. can die pretty easily. On the other hand they bring much needed anti-infantry firepower to the list and will also help against mech/monstrous creatures. Hopefully the list has some other targets so that they don't get shot to pieces in the first turn.

I would have probably chosen las/plas razorbacks instead of twin-linked las but unfortunately I don't have time to convert these before tournament.

Thank you beforehand for your help!


The list overall is solid but I'd recommend a few changes. Skip on the single Redeemer and grab five more TH/SS in their place and change the Libby to have Null Zone and Gate of Infinity. You can then use these guys as a counter-assault unit/bubble-wrap around your army or aggressively get them in your opponent's face. Much harder to stop and more utility than a single squad in a Land Raider.

Change the Predators from ACLC to autocannon + Heavy Bolters. ACLC puts out good firepower but is very static and subject to LoS issues with sponsons. Dakka preds have this issue as well but you're paying a lot less for them and thus the opportunity cost of moving is far less. I'd also buy combi-meltas for each of your Tactical squads for when you combat squad and drop the extra points into my Speeders such as Typhoons (and if you can upgrade the BolterBack to another Lascannon Razorback that would be good, too).

The only other change would be making the Lascannon Razorbacks LasPlas but as you said you don't have time to convert them that's fine (though if you do find time :P).

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