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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Warmachine Arrives & Menoth Paint Scheme

So my (part of) my Warmachine order has arrived! A while ago rather and I've been slowly painting away at a test model for Menoth. How exciting! I'm still waiting on the two-player Battle Box, Choir of Menoth and Vassal of Menoth (so the most important unit and solo of Menoth and the rulebook...hmmm!). Vince got all his Khador stuff minus what's in the battlebox and he's been busy painting and assembling away as well. Here's a photo of everything sprayed and sorted into little boxes

and a list of what I have:

12x Exemplar Errants
Exemplar Errants UA
Covenant of Menoth

Again, still waiting on that Battlebox, Choir and Vassal and also planning on getting some Temple Flameguard, Blessing of Vengence and pSevvy (maybe Redemeer as well for lots of AOE fire with eFeora) so well on my way to getting quite a full force with lots of choices.

In terms of money - buying a single force is relatively cheap (35 points is probably 180 AUD) and a couple extra purchases gets you to 50 and multiple 25-35 point lists. So the entry fee into Warmachine is a LOT cheaper than Fantasy/40k but in terms of dollar per model, I'd say there's little to no difference - it all comes down game size though I have found the majority of the single models in blisters aren't hugely expensive (i.e. around 10-15 AUD instead of 30+ AUD).

Putting the models together... the infantry seem pretty easy but the more pieces there are the more unwieldy it becomes. The Reckoner whilst relatively easy to put together required pinning to glue easily and the pieces don't match-up perfectly. The metal is a lot easier to work with than GW's I find (less heavy, easier to drill but more annoying to glue) but mass armies of metal aren't fun. Here's to hoping PP releases more plastic kits and I'll be looking forward to working with the Choir and Battlebox stuff as that is supposed to plastic.

Anyway, here's my Reckoner WIP. It's not glued so there is a substantial gap between the top piece and the smoke stacks, worry not that's not there IRL, just the blu-tack moved.

I'm doing an orange based scheme with yellow as the secondary color. It's very bright and I'll be using a dirty yellow ink on the yellow itself but I'm enjoying the overall look so far. Not sure what detail colors I'll be using for weapons/eyes/detailing, etc. so any ideas there would be great. I'll probably be going for a desert themed base to stick with Menoth fluff (since they live in a desert) which should soften the brightness of the model. Anyway c&c welcome on the color scheme - only the top piece is anywhere near done though it still needs a couple more layers to make the transition smooth.

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