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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vince's Imperial Fists Lists

Hey all, I've been thinking up some Imperial Fists lists recently with help from various chatbawksers. First off, I should mention Brolo is a dude :P I received the Yellow Ink from him last week and thanks to him, I can keep expanding my army so that I can have several key lists to play with. Thanks Brolo <3

 So first up we have Pedro Kantor and sternguard + generic SM stuff (yes Pedro is Crimson Fists but not if I paint him yellow rawr! Take that haters):

 Pedro Kantor
1 x 5 Sternguard - 2 Plasmacannons, Rhino
2 x 5 Sternguard - 2 Lascannons, Las/Plas Razorbacks
2 x 10 Tacticals - MM, flamer, Sgnt with CombiMeltas, Rhino
2 x 2 Typhoons - TML, HB
1 x 2 Speeders - MM, HF
3 x 1 Dakka Predators - AC, HBs

 Thats 2000 there. To bring it down to 1750, I think I'd drop the MM, HF Speeders, Combimeltas and 1 Typhoon to make it 3x1 Typhoons in the FA slot. So the list is pretty much a normal SM list minus riflemen but adding sternies. The reason I want to use this list is because I built 4 plasmacannon marines and 4 lascannon ones so I wanted to put them to good use :P This is obviously not as optimal as it can be but it should be fairly solid with a strong emphasis on mech like most SM lists.

 List 2 is a standard sort of tourney build at 2000 which I've never really had with SM to use in the past. So for 2000, I went with a fair few HKMs to alpha if I want to and I opted for more firepower with typhoons and razorbacks:

 Librarian - NZ, GoI
3 Riflemen
4 x 5 Tacticals - Las/Plas Razorback - HKM
3 x 2 Typhoons - TML, HB
3 x Dakka Preds - AC, HBs, HKMs Thats 2000.

 For 1750 and 1500, there are other generic sort of lists:

1750 MotF - Conversion Beamer
3 Riflemen 3 x 10 Tacs - MM, flamer, (2 out of 3 Sgnts have Meltabombs), Rhino
1 x 5 Scouts - Hellfire HB, Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles, Telion
3 x 1 Speeders - MM, HF
3 x Dakka Preds - AC, HBs

 Thats the 1750 MotF one. Changes to this one can include: Dropping Telion (he isn't really needed though he is quite cool), Dropping 2 Meltabombs and adding 3 rhino HKMs and 3 pred HKMs which might be a good option. 

And finally, for the 1500 list, I opted for Thunderbubble support to use the 10 hammernators I have:

Librarian - NZ, GoI
10 TH/SS Terminators
3 x 5 Tacticals - Las/Plas Razorbacks
2 x 1 Typhoons - TML, HB
1 x 1 Speeder - MM, HF
3 x 1 Dakka Preds

 For this one, we can change it up by adding 3 Riflemen and 2 Combiflamers, and a meltabomb in exchange for the 10 Termis. But I'd like to use the termis mainly, though the riflemen are an option. 3 x 5 Tacticals should be enough at 1500 with the threat of riflemen/terminators drawing a lot of fire. So thats that pinkies, I'm slowly painting up my Fists so that I have a plethora of lists available to play with and take to tourneys and depending on what size the tourneys are, I should be able to alternate between lists with no loss in experience. That's assuming I get enough games under my belt to become better playing with mech SM :P Oh and thanks to SneakyDan, I was able to find the riflemen autocannons which I really like and am planning to get soon.

So any thoughts/comments on the lists? I was hoping as well that someone can give me some thoughts on using Lysander as the basis for a list as well, I keep trying it and keep coming up with dual LRC rocks with little else :P Have at it pinkies!

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