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Monday, July 23, 2012

Discussion: 6th edition thoughts so far

Puppy is still working on some of those new Tyranid posts. Hopefully one shall go up tonight but until then, what are people's thoughts on 6th edition so far? I've had about 20 games and it's no where near as bad as we thought in the build-up during the first part of this year. No where near as disgusting as that fake pdf either. Thankfully. It's certainly not perfect and I still have my issues with the system but neither was 5th. We'll likely never get a perfect system from Games Workshop but it's playable, enjoyable and I'm sure once tournaments start grinding out and our games reach the 100s level, we'll find a sort of middle ground for list building and what levels of anti-tank and anti-infantry are going to be required.

So, let's hear your thoughts. The nitty gritty so to speak. What do you love and hate and what would you like to see tweaked. What are your thoughts in general and specifically about each army and what are your hopes for the coming releases. We'll try and take this discussion and the comments from it and aim a few articles at answering questions we can through tactical concepts so consider this a brainstorming session for the entire 3++ community!

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