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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Product Review -

A week ago I was sent some bitz products by Bitspudlo in Europe for review. Finally getting around to them after a busy weekend! They're a bit like any webstore, they've got the usual assortment of hobby tools and accessories for sale as well as miniatures and bits from specific gaming systems (i.e. Games Workshop, Mantic, etc.). They also have their own range of resin bits which we're look at today.

I've been sent an RBack turret, some Scarabs and Imperial Infantry bits. Prices seem relatively reasonable - an RBack turrent for example costs around $11 AUD. Not the cheapest out there but no where near the expensive. So let's look at the quality!

Turret Platform

I was sent the gatling cannon - aka assault cannon. The parts all fit together relatively well without any cleaning - a quick run over with an emry board and everything fits together quite snuggly. The detailing on the base and weapon systems is pretty high and only found one real issue (the side wall of one of the ammo feeds was a bit bent in - nothing hot water couldn't fix). So good quality control there.

The only thing I would be hesitant about with these is the size of the weapons. They're at least two-three times the size of a normal assault cannon - same would go for the heavy bolter option I imagine but the lascannons look to be alright. This is more personal taste but it might not suit some and it might suit others more. Regardless, nice and effective system to get some different turrents for your vehicles.

Imperial Infantry Bits

This is the majority of stuff I received seen in a couple photos below.

This is advertised as a mobile missile launcher platform but would work perfectly for a CML Terminator. Hopefully Deathwing stays with their current options and these would make great additions to Terminators without having to break the bank or make odd-looking conversions. Again, quality is pretty good, each of those missiles is clearly identified though a bit of cleaning with an emry board is going to be needed.

Who doesn't need more special weapons? There's a mix of here of bionic arms and stand alone weapons.

The Bionic arms would be great for an admech or Iron Hands army or if you just like the concept of half-Terminator bodies running around. Comes with an assortment of cannons and the important plasma weapon. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a stand alone plasma weapon which with 6th edition looking to be more plasma oriented, could be something coming in the future. You can still use the bionic arm but if you don't like that thematically...

Anyway, the stand alone weapons include an (auto)cannon, missile launcher, flamer and meltagun. All very common elements for Imperial armies which one could always use more of. Again, detailing is pretty good with a few splots here and there which need some working. Major thing here was the missile launcher needs a fair bit of cleaning and the autocannon was bent - but again, hot water is the fix to this.


And finally for all the non-Imperial players, there are some Scarabs. Great to get a different bunch of models on the table compared to the normal run of the mill Scarabs and hopefully more Xenos stuff is in the future.


All in all, some pretty good stuff. The quality is there and some of the items one needs and hopefully their range will expand over time. As it stands though, if you're not looking for Imperial bits, stuff to put on top of your vehicles or the like, their custom stuff may not be what you are looking for unfortunately.

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