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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Discussion: Army Constructs for 6th

So with NOVA out of the way I want to see what are the major thoughts on army constructs. For example, last edition was primarily MSU mech with the 1+1 (unit and fighting transport) taking precedence over most other lists. There were other strong lists often involving Hybrid elements, some foot armies (Loganwing), etc. but the primary aspect was generally MSU.

Has this changed? I have a few thoughts on this which I've been going through with my posts and seeing more and more in playtesting but would like to see other opinions and what people have found before I do a few exploratory articles. We're still not likely to nail down the exact construct for a while as things continually evolve and new books are released - MSU mech didn't take off right away for 5th remember, but this discussion and following articles should lead us somewhere closer.

So, begin! And remember to be nice to people with contrary opinions to yours.

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