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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blood Angels Jumpers @ 2k

Well my list from my review of BA Jumpers is actually under 2k pts...woops. The players I beat with it I shall keep your names a secret :P. Anyways I think this is nearing the "final phase" of what I want it to be so let's see if as a group we can fine tune it. Tactics at bottom.

NB: Most jumper lists will be built around the same premise so there isn't that much variation which is a bit of a shame but since no other army can do this...well who cares :P!

HQ -
Libarian w/Jump Pack, Blood Lance, Shield of Sang

Libarian w/Jump Pack, Blood Lance, Shield of Sang

Honor Guard w/Jump Pack, 3x meltagun

Honor Guard w/Jump Pack, 3x meltagun

Elites -
Sang Priest x2 w/Jump Pack

Troops -
ASM x10 w/2x meltagun, Power Fist

ASM x10 w/2x meltagun, Power Fist

ASM x10 w/2x meltagun, Power Fist, infernus pistol

Fast Attack -
VV x5 w/Jump Packs, glaive & SS, PFist, LC & SS

VV x5 w/Jump Packs, glaive & SS, PFist, LC & SS

Totals: 2000 pts
54 Jumpers

So this looks pretty similar to Stelek's 2.5k list yes? Well as I said you don't have much choice other than spells and equipment. So let's look at it.

Libbys w/shield give cover saves when dropping into the open. Dropping into cover is sometimes neccessary but risky. Every 1 = a dead marine and you're attempting to overwhelm your opponent with FNP marines, don't give em free shots! Blood lance is self explanatory as are the Priests. I've changed the HG to 3x mgun and no combat weapons for the bigger targets. Biggest problem I've had so far is a Land Raider and some Storm Ravens, more concentrated AT does well against these tougher melta targets. ASM should also be self explanatory and the Vanguard are what make this list work. You can tie up valuable units early on with these bad boys and they have a decent amount of hurt and survivability. They aren't going to take on super-units but they will quickly get rid of mediroce combat units (i.e. the things that shoot you dead).

I'd like to get THs on the Vanguard but not sure if it's worth it (or the LC). Comments on those? Dropping the LCs could get me some more infernous pistols elsewhere (I don't think they are worth it on Vanguards as they can't shoot if they HI) or maybe some mbombs. Thoughts?

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Eddie said...

I think MBs are worth it on the Vanguard Vets.

In one situation, if they use heroic intervention and their support unit fails to blow up a transport with occupants you were hoping to charge, the Vanguard can charge the transport with MBs instead.

Eddie said...

Oops, I also forgot to mention. I've seen this list plus one of Stelek's where the VV serg has a glaive + storm shield. I've been thinking about that and wondering if a single lightning claw would do better in place of the glaive.

Chumbalaya said...

Statistically, a single LC performs better than a power weapon thanks to multiple re-rolls. They also mix nicely with storm shields.

MBs on the VG is a good call, as would infernus pistols spread around. To free up points, you could lose a SHP since you've already got 2 Blood Chalices from the HG.

I like the all DS jp army, it promises to be an amusing list to play with and against.

Eddie said...

BA were my very first warhammer army and I'm planning on redoing them soon enough. I'll be going all DS jump packs (because it's different to mech).

I won't be going pure competitive though because I want to try fitting sanguinor in :D

I'm thinking..

Libarian with JP
Honour Guard with 3x MG and a blood champion

2x Sanguinary Priest with power weapon

3x 10 man assault squad with power fist and 2x melta

2x 5 man vanguard squad with an extra power fist and 2 MBs

This list has 100 points left spare to fill in at 2k points. I'm considering storm shields on the vanguard sergeants (if Sanguinor's blessing goes on a storm shield sergeant with lightning claw it = mini captain!)

Chumbalaya said...

Don't forget jump packs on your SHP.

Eddie said...

They're all in there on the priests, honour guard and vanguard. I just forgot to mention them.

Unknown said...

Just a quick reply here before I head home, the MC PW is done because you should be getting S5 from FC anyways and I think you'll find the extra re-roll earlier is better off with on average a S5 hit anyways. Idk, can do the math later and find out but my stats inclination is against T3/4 targets the glaive is better on the charge.

GWvsJohn said...

nicely worded post lost, replace with quick drivel.

Drop a Libby and JP HG squad and infernus pistol, VV LC.

Add Seth and a DP HG squad.

Can it work? Is that squad too vulnerable turn 1?

Unknown said...

It could work if you can squeeze the points out. The double libby makes mech cry so much more though I'd generally prefer that but since I know you want to use Seth...:P.

Chumbalaya said...

Big problem with the Pod is coming in turn 1 automatically, giving your opponent 1 full turn to paste Seth and 5 dudes before the real party starts.

Seth can totally work, but a JP list isn't going to jive with him (unless you throw in Storm Ravens).

TheKing Elessar said...

I'll give a Seth list some thought, I have 2 emails to get through today/tomorrow, but I can do a Seth list before Friday. I imagine Kirby will beat me to it, ofc...

Unknown said...

I'm awesome like that. I compeletely forgot about the DP Assault rules here so ya Chum is right, Seth will get shot to bits. I think the oringinal Pod lists we worked on with Seth are your best bet GWvsJohn. I'll post some BA lists today.

Michael said...

I agree that the extra attack and wounding on 3's is better than the LC. That is speculation though, a mathhammerer (is that a word even?) would be able to tell you for sure.

This is a really fun list to play with. I have run the same list, excepting wargear, and it is loads of fun. Very different from the all mech environment.

Unknown said...

Recalling the math from ages ago the LC is better against T4+ and just minor worse against T3 but significantly worse against T2. S5 obviously changes this but the LC doesn't lose as much in ensuing rounds or when charged, etc.

Add in the fact we've got SS's anyways, there's no loss of an attack ^^.

Anonymous said...

Looking at this list again, if you drop 1 priest, the infernus pistol, all 4 SS, both LC you get 75+15+80+30= 200 points. That's enough for a 3rd cut down VV squad. I think a 3rd squad might be better than tougher squads. 3 bubbles should be enough for 60 or so marines.

Unknown said...

That's certainly plausible. I think having only 3 bubbles would be a pain though, particularly when you combat squad (which I seem to do almost all the time). You have to remember reserve and DSing rolls. Even with only a D6 scatter those bubbles get spread out quickly :(.

Katie Drake said...

Hey Kirbs, I know this is an older article now, but how would you scale this down to, say, 1,850?

Unknown said...

Drop an HG squad and add 2 SS to the VVs is one way or make an ASM squad 5 men instead of 10.

Grimz said...

How about 1750 ? Still viable?

Unknown said...

Yup, even at 1500. There have been quite a few 1500 requests in June/July 2010 (i.e. now ^^) based on Jumpers.

Grimz said...

Mmmm... that Night Lords army is certainly looking good :D

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