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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SW v Chaos 2k analysis

Well I used that silly program ^^ to trial the list. It was against a Chaos army with 3 squads of Plagues (PFist, 2x pgun and rhino), 2 Daemon Princes, 3 oblits, greater daemon and 10x khorne termies w/autocannons and meltas.

It was c&c w/spearhead deployment. First things first. This list is fast. We were playing combat games from T1. With spearhead. Ya I know I dropped onto him so he could assault me but my Thunderwolfs were assault jumping from T2. It was pretty crowded with 50 beasts out there but one of my puppy squads ran off early so that gave me more room to run about. The thunderwolfs were basically able to do as they please. With their speed I was picking my combats and able to mass assault. I would be assaulting with so many I'd often not have enough space for the final squad.

My opponent conceded on the 5th turn when he only had 10 termies left (they had just DS'd last turn) whilst I had most of my force remaining (thank you wound allocation). [We played on quickly to see how it would unfold, Canis then took out 5 termies...and the remaining thunderwolfs took out the rest though the termies did take out 2 TH thundwolfs (left overs), 15 puppies and an Iron Priest squad) for a table by the beginning of T6].

Rolls were pretty average across all sides and the RP had some fun with Jaws but only took down some plagues which was pretty signifiant as they were tying up a GH squad which later held my opponents objective. Both GH squads were able to capture objectives giving me a 2-0 advantage there but I think in 5 objective games I might struggle though my midfield presence is riduclus with multi-charges.

All in all a very good game for the Wolves but will see if I can play around to get in more actual Thunderwolfs. Maybe drop some of the puppies as they really did clog up the board but have to be careful of Ld (Ld sucks in this list btw).

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