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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Blood Angels

Will be posting a potential JP list later if I can find a viable one I like and isn't too expensive to create. As it stands the Mech list is a variation of my SM Mech that plays differently but isn't the best BA can put out I believe. List I've posted here has one less ASM squad in favor of a Sang Priest and more melta.

Update 27/07/10: I've scrapped the Mech-style BA list for the moment. I was trying to make it very similar to my SM Mech so I could just swap around when I wanted a different play-style. I knew it wasn't going to  be top-notch competitive but it was really all over the place.

Update 12/08/10: Currently running with five Blood Angel lists: Blood Rodeo, Jumpers, Blood Hammer, Nipple Hammer & Bloodwing. All have their seperate pages which can be clicked and I am currently working on putting all my Marine variant lists together. A lot of magnets required! Because I'm rolling Sanguinary Guard now in some lists VV will most likely use Death Company bits (though obviously all the BA symbols will be shaved off. Not sure if I'll greenstuff on Ice Claw iconography or just mesh it into the armor around it yet).

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