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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kirby needs your help!

Well as GWvsJohn likes to think, he is now my official blog muse and annoyingly I have to give him the musation (new word!) for my Tryanid army. I've got a bunch of old 2nd and 3rd edition models and after making a 2k list based around the Swarmlord for GWvsJohn I rather liked it and checked out what models I have.

From the list made here all I need is 3 TMCs (assuming I can convert a 3rd ed carnifex into a tyrannofex) and 6 Hive Guard + a few more guants incase I get insane rolls for Tervigons (I've got 40 Termaguants + around 16-20 Hormaguants/Devguants).

A bit of converting work will need to be done to make some Boneswords for some of the Warriors, Swarmlord and Tyrant Guard but only having to buy a couple new models appeals to me. So, for a new army I want a new paint scheme and this is where you lot come in.

Make me a color scheme! Pronto.

My marines are light blue, Eldar brown and Tau purple so something different would be nice and I'd also like to be able to quickly paint the Guants/Hive Guard/Warriors and spend some time getting a really nice touch on the MCs.

So send me your ideas and pictures (either through comments, e-mail or chat) and let's see if we can get Kirby another functional 5th edition army. I'm off to e-bay :P.

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Vinsanity said...

Woot! Another 5th army :) Now I can play against something other than marines and eldar! Well as far as schemes go, there are a few nice quick ones that you could do.

One easy one is the Space Hulk purple and blue style ones with citadel washes, its fairly quick...

Another is some sort of skin colour, maybe Tallarn with Bleached highlights and a black/grey carapace and then a heavy wash of devlan...

Finally, we have my one which I made a few years ago. Its bestial flesh with a devlan wash and hawk turquoise carapace with bleached highlights...

Hope this helps, looking forward to seeing some nids :P

Kirby said...

Gimme pics Vince, pics lol. A no to the Space Hulk. yawny colors. I'm thinking something bright

GWvsJohn said...

I always think white or bone colored 'Nids look best. Not sure how easy that is though.

Kirby said...

Ya I was thinking a white with maybe a blue or grey tinge with green carapace but white ugh lol. I'd like to try a different scheme to my other colors which are all rather soft (blue, purple and brown) but haven't seen anything that jumps out and inspires me yet.

Anonymous said...

It's not the most original, but yellow and black 'nids (with gloss wash) look suitably alien and threatening.

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