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Sunday, March 28, 2010

BA Quick Analysis: Jump Packs

Okay, a nice quick analysis whilst I'm working on assignments and waiting for the F1 to start. I've seen a lot of "no way JP suck" or "they are the awesomesauce!" Now I'll go into army composition shortly with an Armies in 5th article but let's look at an all JP army and why it can work for BA.

1) JP in all slots bar HS. This is important, more so than DoA or FNP because you actually have variety. You're not just spamming ASM but can have other units with differently specialities from different FoCs. This means it can scale well and allows you to make a more balanced army.

2) DoA has two parts. The first is the re-roll failed rolls to reserves w/DoA. This allows you to capitalise on an average or good roll. It makes your army more reliable, this is always good.
2b) DoA also reduces the scatter range. Halving the scatter minimises chances of mishaps, allows you to play more aggressively and makes your army more reliable :O (this is a theme it seems).

3) FNP/FC bubbles. People don't like to remove 30-50 T4/3+ infantry and whilst a lot of people will claim Marine spam armies are awesome, here is one who can actually pull it off. Making all those infantry essentially have a 2+ save is...well pretty damn awesome and it requires a lot more firepower to take them out which means you have to charge them to avoid FC or the BA player's army tactics come into play and since he survived he gets to dictate play.

4) Vanguard. I know, I know. But Vanguard are a significant reason BA can work. Ignore the price drop (the tiny one). You've just mass jumped in on T2 and blown up a lot of tanks get shot to pieces. Sure FNP will help you a bit but you need to be able to tie things down and quickly or put enough torrent into units that they are useless next turn. BA don't have good torrent outside of CC in JP armies so you need Vanguard to assault when they come on. Army synergy.

5) Every JP unit can take a melta, combi-melta or infernus pistol more than twice. Reliable anti-tank on the drop, yes please.

6) Unlike certain pod armies, the JP drop can be mobile afterwards because they can move 12" which means if their alpha-strike fails they can keep up with mech. This is important.

Whilst like all DS style lists they are vulnerable to DS defenses and reserve denial, the JP list is able to put out enough firepower the turn they drop, make assaults with drop synergy, survive the return firepower and are able to overcome reserve denial to an extent with their DoA re-roll. This is again a new style of list which GW has given the tick of approval, be happy all you people who hate mech, another list that can beat mech which is not mech!

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GWvsJohn said...

Remember DoA allows you to reroll failed rolls only, so you can't use it to delay.

Kirby said...

Thanks John missed that. All fixed now.

Kaney said...

I agree with u kirbs!

Although there should be a number 7. That is if an army is not prepared, THEY WILL LOSE to an all jump pack list.

That is most lists atm, melta spam and the rest just doesnt do enough. The combination of krak grenades and melta weapons on the other hand gives jump pack marines a real edge. Not even my IG list can stand up to an ASM spam List.

Kaney said...

Gd stuff kirby i rekon the all JP army is actuallu goin to be extremely powerful expecially because:

7) If a army list is not prepared for an all JP army they will lose. Melta is uselles V an all JP army, and lots of lists are based around melta.

Kaney said...

ah damn i thought my first comment didnt come up :-( haha

Chumbalaya said...

Agreed in a big way, I've been pimping the all jump drop army on LO but people don't seem to be catching on (more focused on Stormravens :P).

It looks to be a very nasty alternative to podding, I'd even call it an upgrade. Being less predictable for your opponent and more reliable for your needs is huge. If I had the cash, I'd shell out for the all jump packers in a second. Marinehammer, woo!

Anonymous said...

Hahah oh LO. I use to go there all the time Chumby. Then I realized how misguided many on there were. Plus all the old heads I use to chat with left (Katie Drake, Caluin, Karmoon, etc.)

Anyway I agree JP troops FTW. Interesting how this army emphasizes troops for anti-tank

- Roland

GWvsJohn said...

Had a vision of a glorious BA army. Then I saw BA RB can't have MM. How sad.

Kirby said...


Just had a trial game wit JP BA using:

Libby w/Jump Pack, Shield, Blood Lance

Libby w/Jump Pack, Shield, Blood Lance

Honor Guard w/Jump Packs, 2x meltagun, 2x LC

Honor Guard w/Jump Packs, 2x meltagun, 1x LC, 1x Blood Champ

Sanguirary Priest x2 w/Jump Packs

ASM x10 w/Pfist, 2x meltagun

ASM x10 w/Pfist, 2x meltagun

ASM x10 w/Pfist, 2x meltagun

Vanguard x5 w/Jump Packs, TH, 2x LC, SS

Vanguard x5 w/Jump Packs, TH, 2x LC, SS

Totals: 2000 pts
54 Jumpers

Game was over by end of T3 really, Vanguard had a perfect drop and took out most of his shooting. Think more SS might be good though and very rarely did I not have a FNP bubble. 30-40 FNP marines in your face on T2 is tough but protecting your shooters with armor/bubble-wrap can protect them from vanguard and would of made this more of a contest. Love the army though.

The_King_Elessar said...

Interesting, thanks!

Raven Guard, Raven Guard, does whatever, a Raven does...

Katie Drake said...

Haha, 'sup Roland? =P

Good article Kirbs. Just working my way through them now...

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