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Friday, March 26, 2010

Blood Angels basics...Inc 2K list

I've folded under the pressure and will be posting some basics of the new codex now *shakes fist at people*. I'll also be posting my variation list which is meant to give me a different playstyle to my normal marines without having to spend a heap of money (so whilst it's competitive I wouldn't say it's the best thing out there). So let's look at what BA can do:

1) Like SW and Tyranids they don't have to rely on mech thanks to their JP and DoA rule. Their DSing is reliable, their movement speed after DS is good, they can pop tanks through every FoC slot and their infantry can take a beating (hi FNP!)
2) They can mech well but not in the same way as Sisters, IG, SM or SW. Their mech becomes like an Imperial version of Eldar mech and PLAYS DIFFERENTLY. Don't expect to copy razorspam, dual raider or simple mech spam from previous Marine books and for it to play as well. GW (recently) isn't stupid, each book is going to do something better than another.
3) Don't try to max shooting and assault. Like SW & Nids, doing this will unbalance your army as a whole. Go for one supported by the other and you'll have a much better army which will compete. This isn't new edition fantasy where every phase you need to be very efficient in.

I think those are pretty much the basics...*shrug*. Anyways, like the most recent GW books there are a lot of good options and therefore a lot of army lists and styles. An excellent JP style army can be seen at YTTH here @ 2500 pts which can easily be scaled back to 2k. Outside of JP there are multiple mech styles, podding and Dreads. So let's see what I'm thinking of running for my main variation of my Mech Marines (thanks to GWvsJohn for a bit of streamlining help).

HQ -
Libarian w/Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius

Elites -
Furioso Libarian w/Blood Lance, Might of Heroes, Drop Pod

Furioso Libarian w/Blood Lance, Might of Heroes, Drop Pod

Troops -
ASM x5 w/meltagun, Razorback w/TL-Heavy Flamer

ASM x5 w/meltagun, Razorback w/TL-Heavy Flamer

ASM x5 w/meltagun, Razorback w/TL-Heavy Flamer

ASM x5 w/meltagun, Razorback w/TL-Heavy Flamer

ASM x5 w/meltagun, Razorback w/TL-Heavy Flamer

Fast Attack -
Baal Predator w/HB sponsons

Baal Predator w/HB sponsons

Baal Predator w/HB sponsons

Heavy Support -
Dreadnought w/2x TL autocannons, Drop Pod

Dreadnought w/2x TL autocannons

Dreadnought w/2x TL autocannons

Total: 2000 pts
Tanks: 16 (3 pods)
Infantry: 26

So light on infantry models but a lot of armor out there. The ASM in RBacks are essentially mini-Celestians from SoB. Again, they do not do this style as well as them but provide for this army some saturation, anti-infantry and anti-mech all in one bundle. Main problem is they are scoring which makes them a bigger target than they should be. Dreads are cheaper versions than SM and since we can take Dakkabaals in the FA slot we can fit in more than 3 dreads like a SM list w/MotF but our Elite dreads are better here. The Dakkabaals and Riflemen dreads provide suppression fire and anti-infantry in a pinch. The Libby Dreads screw up mech castles big time but the 2d6" scatter of the Pods can be a bit of burden to bear. Since they still have S10 with a blood fist MoH increases the number of their attacks once they inevitably get into combat. Finally the normal Libby provides mobile cover for the midfield body and packs another blood lance in a pinch.

Some options would generally involve dropping an ASM squad. I could then get infernous pistols for each of the other squads and a Sang Priest (or perhaps 2) which will provide some more survivability for my infantry whilst also making them more reliable against tanks. Perhaps any other suggestions?

To make this I need to get 1-2 more Rhino chasis, RBack/Furioso/Baal turrent upgrades (or parts to kitbash), 3 DPods and prob magnetise some arms to my Marines to give them more obvious ccws (rather than my current bayonet style). Not bad for a very different playstyle.

6 pinkments:

GWvsJohn said...

Reading the list again, I worry that the Assault RB are just too easy to kill, espcially since they will be zooming forward effectively alone.

MagicJuggler said...

Aye, while the Rifles are more cost-effective, I prefer having the Predator-equivalents for screening purposes.

The_King_Elessar said...

This is very similar to what I was working on.

Curse you Kirby, for being as brilliant as I!!! lol

Kirby said...

Eh the Baal Preds are running up with them. As MJ said if you ran AC/LC or AC/HB (though you'd lack a bit in suppression fire/anti-transport) you could move them with the RBacks. As it is though *shrug* shall see when playtesting. I don't think the Mech Mass is that brilliant. 6 AV13 is pretty cool but good Troops for BA are expensive but they really benefit from FNP bubbles. How many armies can boast 30+ 3+/FNP models? Uh right, none.

Kirby said...

And let it be known that I said it before Stelek :P though he provided an actual list :(.

Chumbalaya said...

That looks plenty nasty. I would love to get some infernus pistols if possible, the extra melta would be most useful.

Now that I actually have the Codex I'll be doing some looking again to see what I want to end up doing. I'd probably go for larger Rhino squads to benefit from FNP and improved choppy killy power.

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