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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Warseer Battle Report: BA v Lash CSM 2k

Note: you can click on the pics to make them bigger

Well I played a game at a store before work today. I used some of the promo BA stuff + my own normal marines and versus a CSM lash list. As far as lash lists go it wasn’t bad, those DPs would have been a lot scarier w/Warptime but hey. As it stands I think the core of plagues and oblits is pretty solid other than the 10 man plASMa spam squad + Vindi and the aforementioned Princes. Tried to recreate with Vassal from memory but it’s a bit off.

Here’s the deployments. I screwed up my scout moves in relation to cover since he spread his Oblits out and displayed my side armor. Woops. His deployment is a bit weird but it did get annoying. Anyways his first turn he killed a Baal w/ the Vindi (though he was out of melta range with those Plagues, dur I didn’t screw up that badly!) and stunned one of the Baals with his Oblits. One of his DPs also took a wound from dangerous. My turn saw my Libbys drop pretty nicely but they are likely to get pwned by some melta next turn. However I took out 3 rhinos, a Vindi and a mini plague squad (+ a couple from the other squad). Good FNP rolling for the CSM player. Let’s see how I fair against the return melta. P.S. libby cast sang shield.

His raptors didn’t come in. He moved a lot of melta towards my dreads as well as the Oblits and moved his DPs into my lines. Oh nos. He lashed my disembarked squad towards his line but didn’t move them far enough so they got FNP and a 5+ cover. His plASMa squad opened up on them and none of his plASMa hit (inc 2 Gets Hot! which killed one). Unlucky them. The ASM saved 6 bolter wounds. The top melta squad and oblits destroyed the top libby who’s explosion didn’t kill anyone. The bottom squad missed on the back armor of my bottom dread and the other plagues in the Rhino & oblits only shook it twice. The DPs assaulted and only killed one ASM (and the bottom one took another wound).

My pod didn’t come in (aw L). I moved my remaining Dread towards his Oblits and converged on his plASMa plagues with my Rbacks whilst moving my Baals/Dreads away from midfield to try and take down his Dp there. After the flames cleared there were 5 plASMa plagues still remaining (damn FNP!). My Preds alone were enough to take down the midfield Daemonprince so my Rifledreads opened up on the remaining armor. One dread blew up the top rhino and the other two combined to blow up the final Rhino who’s explosion killed one plague (this game didn’t like wrecks did it…). Libby dread cast MoH (Sang Shield was cast before) and got an extra 3 attacks whilst he assaulted the Oblits whom he wiped. Hope he doesn’t get melta’d! The other DP killed 2 marines and didn’t take any wounds but the marines stayed in combat.

The CSM player is running out of guys atm but his raptors come in. He DS’d them very aggressively in my backfield (?) to take out some dreads (?). The other plagues move towards midfield and the Oblits maintained their firing position. The raptors took out a rifledread, his midfield plagues failed to damage the baal, the top left plagues blew up the libby dread which killed one of their own and the right plagues were stopped by sang shield. The Oblits continued their good shooting but only immobilised the rightmost Razorback. The plASMa plagues were able to get a single shot through sang shield and stunned the Libby’s ride. The DP made the ASM flee but didn’t pursue them as he slunk back into the forest.

My pod came on yay! And then scattered away from objective, boo. My lone ASM rallied and ran back into the fray, the libby disembarked to do some shenanigans and my dreads/baals moved around to blast the midfield plagues/raptors whilst the razors stayed still to try and clear out those plagues on the right! The flamers and lone ASM took down the last DP and 2 more plagues. The baals with some excellent shooting and poor saving removed the midfield plagues from the game and the two rifledreads took down 3 raptors who fled. The pods shot at the right plagues but did nothing again. The libby assaulted the right plagues and killed one but took a wound.

Whilst board control is really mine I don’t hold any objectives so the CSM player seems rather happy about this… with 11 plagues and 3 oblits left. His top plagues move in to try and hold the top right objective some more but that’s the extent of his movement. Those same plagues explode my top most Razorback but oddly doesn’t assault what comes out. Oblits stunned and took off the weapon of my right razor and in combat nothing happened between the libby and plagues (though the raptors continued to fallback).

Move baals/dreads up to shoot the top left plagues on objective and also tank shock the raptors further to edge. Load up the lone ASM in lib razor and drive behind hill to hold objective at bottom whilst rest of my ASM disembark en masse to get rid of plagues. Sang razor still holds sang and moves through forest to provide bubble for everyone. The forest razor, 2x ASM squads and 3 pods only managed to fell one top plague whilst the baals and dreads dropped the 5 plagues on the top left objective. With the assault phase all my ASM charged into plagues somewhere. None were needed down south as the libby dispatched the plagues and he and the ASM consoled whilst up top the plagues struck first and killed none. In retaliation the ASM killed one plague and stayed locked in.

The raptors fell off the table and the oblits continued to shoot well but damage poorly with a double shake on the bottom most razor. The ASM finished off the plagues in combat and the game was called there.

Whilst this wasn’t the most tactical of games from my point I think this is a pretty clear example of lash failing. How often was it used? Once. Did it do anything? No as he could of assaulted the unit anyways. I wasn’t really happy with my BA list. The dreads did some initial damage (taking out 3 tanks <3) but died to melta pretty quickly and I considered myself lucky to have kept one alive more than a turn. The baals/dreads did brilliantly but the ASM were a bit sub-par so might need to rethink the Dreads/ASM core and build around the baals/dreads (yum). Now why did the Warseer popular lash list not have a chance. First a disclaimer, this isn’t directed at everyone at Warseer and I don’t know if this player is from Warseer but lash is still quite often complained about over at Warseer but the need for anti-mech from the oblits and plagues makes it a useless spell followed up by since everything is primed for anti-tank (where chaos are still lacking since they don’t have survivable fast melta) they lack a bit in anti-infantry. I had under 25 infantry going into this game and I lost 4... That’s terrible. The CSM player also stacked his tanks in midfield which gave my blood lance a really nice target. His target priority against the dreads was pretty good but then he simply didn’t have the tools to slow me down as I had too much mech running around and it was simply a matter of attrition for me. If he had used a 12 Rhino CSM list I’d of had a much harder time limiting his mobility (all of his rhinos were gone by T2 and all bar two were gone T1) and he’d of been able to put more shots into multiple targets because of it. So thoughts and comments on layout? Sorry about the shoddy vassal replay, a) I don't know hwo to make it a video, b) it's all from memory but I did write most of it down and c) hopefully I can just use my camera next time! Any suggestions or guest write-ins/links would be nice.

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Chumbalaya said...

Vassal's a handy visual aide, I tend to snooze through batreps otherwise :P

I am shocked that you found Lash so useless. Lash is obviously the best power ever, broken even. I know because Warseer told me.

Surreptitious Muffin said...

Sorry to be a pain, but could we get a key of some sort? It's a bit difficult to tell what's going on in the pics.

Nice batrep though. The thing about lash is that it came out near the start of the 5th edition before people had figured out that meching up was the way to go. Against armies with few vehicles lash can actually be rather useful, but these days noone plays armies without more vehicles than they have fingers thus lash is boned.

The_King_Elessar said...

Wait, what? Did those Libbies have Dedicated Pods? :S

Also, Shield is, iirc, used in the oppts turn, so you could have used a power in yours too, btw. :)

MagicJuggler said...

Exception of Tau and Necrons, and armies. Yay?

Kirby said...

I'll see if I can make it easier next time or just take my damn camera lol.

Yes they did TKE as they Furioso Dreads can take Pods. And ya didn't read shield right, it can be used in your opponent's turn.

And what MJ?

The_King_Elessar said...

Yeah, after I posted I realised they were Dreads, not foot Libbies. Duh.

Fair enough on Shield, I didn't spend as much time on psychic powers as I'd have liked. :(

EDIT: Talking about captcha was 'fisti' lol

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