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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Email in: Possible alternate XV8 builds

Hi, Poly here again. Just wondering your thoughts on the fireknives 6-7. If you're not familiar with the ATT classification system those are;

Fireknife 6
XV8 battlesuit
Twin-linked Plasma Rifle
Missile Pod

Fireknife 7
XV8 battlesuit
Twin-linked Missile Pod
Plasma Rifle

You're giving up shots for increased accuracy in both cases, but unlike (say) deathrains you're not sacrificing versatility. Do you think these are viable builds?


Sorry I've been quiet of late, thesis research is bogging me down as well as basketball playoffs (last night I came away with 3 grazes [one of which has needed a gauze], what I'm going to call a bruised rib [ok fine I just got hit in the stomach really hard...] and two nails torn off; I mean seriously if you want to stop me mark me man on man don't just tackle me! :() and other stuff! Before I go to uni I'll reply to Poly here and hopefully can post some more stuff later.

Honestly, not really. The MP/PR (fireknife) gives you the ability to shoot 9-12 shots from T1 @ BS3. BS3 armies seem to do fine all the time w/o TL (yes TL is better but at the points cost? no thanks). With these builds whilst you get the most reliable gun you want when you want it whilst still having the versatility of the MP/PR, you're paying a lot more points for less shooting. Less shooting is not good :P.

In ahigher points game where you could get Shas'vre bodyguards with this sort of loadout (over more Piranhas/Broadsides) with multi-trackers it's viable but I still think inefficient in points. On a normal MP/PR you're paying 5 pts more for the TL-plasma/MP or 1 pt more for the TL-MP/plasma. Again they need the multi-tracker to make this work otherwise you're losing firepower across the board.

3 pinkments:

Polymphus said...

You wouldn't consider say- dropping a unit of Fireknives and replacing them with Fireknife7 bodyguards in normal sized games?

I should have mentioned the bodyguard w. HW multitracker being a more favourable way to run them.

Kirby said...

No, the lack of shots I think can become quite significant. They essentially become more expensive TL-plasma or TL-MP suits which aren't great.

The bodyguards are the most obvious place for a 3 gun hardpoint setup as you can get those multi-trackers but the problem is those multi-trackers essentially cost 15pts as you're paying the extra 10pts for the Shas'vre and you don't really gain anything for that (i.e. nothing of importance like an improved BS).

It comes down to efficiency terms and...ya not working ^^.

MagicJuggler said...

I don't like Bodyguards either. A major problem aside from being more expensive for unneeded bonuses (WS 3 is *not* going to save you in combat), is they also prevent the Crisis Suit Commander from being able to jump from unit-to-unit, so they can benefit from his Leadership.

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