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Monday, March 1, 2010

List request: Kaney 2k IG

Company Command Squad - 4 Meltaguns, Chimera, Heavy Flamer - 145

Inquisitor - Emperors Tarot, 2 Mystics - 47

6 Sanctioned Psykers - Chimera, Heavy Flamer - 125

Veteran Squad - 3 Meltaguns, Autocannon, Chimera, Heavy Flamer - 175

Veteran Squad - 3 Meltaguns, Autocannon, Chimera, Heavy Flamer - 175

Platoon Command Squad - 4 Meltaguns, Chimera, Heavy Flamer - 130

Infantry Squad - Autocannon, Grenade Launcher, Commisar, Power Sword - 110

Infantry Squad - Autocannon, Grenade Launcher - 65

Infantry Squad - Autocannon - 60

Fast Attack
Vendetta - 130

Vendetta - 130

Vendetta - 130

Heavy Support
Manticore - 160

Leman Russ Executioner - Plasma Cannon Sponsons, Heavy Flamer - 230

Leman Russ Battle Tank - Plasma Cannon Sponsons, Heavy Flamer - 190

Kaney's request is a competitive 2k build with an infantry bubble-wrap platoon so let's see what we can do.

There is a lot of extraneous stuff we don't need there so let's start with the basics.

3x 10 Vets w/3meltaguns, demoltions = 390 pts

We won't put them in Chims just yet as we want to put them in Vendettas so we'll see how we go for points,

We'd like a bubble-wrap unit too so:

Platoon Command w/4 meltas, chimera = 125 pts

Infantry platoon w/AC x3
include 1 meltagun, Commisar = 225 pts

We may add some Chimeras to the infantry platoon to hijack later but atm no. That's 740 so for and we still need 3 Vendettas for 1130. And we still want a Company Command squad. Now I think here that the company command squad should be combining with the Platoon to order the Bubble-wrap up and down and to RR hits so they don't really have need for melta do they... so let's revisit the Platoon command and Company command together

Platoon Command w/AC, chimera = 95 pts

Company Command w/AC, chimera = 115 pts

This puts us at 1215 and we've got our core down. Let's add some goodies. Manticores are good. 2 is better. 320 points gone and 465 left. We've got some Troops, Elites and a HS slot left with 7 tanks so far. So let's look at adding some Psychic defense as it's needed.

Inq Lord w/Psycannon, Hood
Mystics x3
3 Heavy Bolter Servitors = 188 pts

They'll need a shiny new chimera so they can buy one from the Infantry Platoon, +55 pts. You lose a turn of shooting but can get into good position, worth it.

We've now got just over 200 points to spend and no Russes as of yet. Now I know Kaney is quite fond of the Executioner so let's look at one of those.

LR Executioner w/PC sponsons = 230 pts which puts us 8 points and we'd like another BT to take shots for the Executioner so we'll Drop a Vet/Vendetta combo to give us ~250 points to play with. An attached LRBT with the executioner sets us back 150 leaving us with 100ish points and let's be giggly. Add in Elite Inq w/Psycannon :) and add in a new platoon giving us:

HQ -
Company Command Squad w/AC, Chimera

Inq Lord w/Psycannon, Hood & 3x HB servitors, 3x Mystics

Elites -
Inq w/Psycannon

Troops -
10x Vets w/Demo, 3x Melta

10x Vets w/Demo, 3x Melta

Platoon Command w/AC, Chimera

Infantry Platoon w/AC, meltagun, Commissar, Chimera

Infantry Platoon w/AC

Infantry Platoon w/AC

Infantry Platoon w/AC

Fast Attack -


Heavy Support -


LR Squadron w/Executioner w/PC sponsons & Battle Tank

Total: 1998
Tanks: 9
Infantry: 79

Now we can drop a Manticore and go for more blast spam and take 2x PBS in Chimeras (around 6-7 strong) as well but that's up to personal prefence (this also opens up the option of some more Russes).

As it stands you have a Ld9 stubborn 41 man strong bubble-wrap unit which has 8 S7 shots, protects the chimeras of the Inq, CCS, PCS, which protects the Russes which protect the manticores whilst the Vets deliver alpha strike death to anyone silly enough to allow it.

Thoughts kaney and others?

P.S. all vehicles have hull HFs if they can

6 pinkments:

Anonymous said...

Not sure of the inquisitor's exact points (you said 100ish so I'm going off 100), but if you're trying for a tournament list you should drop him. 100pts will get you another squad of infantry with an AC and let all four Infantry squads buy themselves a meltagun.

This way, they become better at bubblewrapping as they can better protect against tank shock and it gives them a tiny bit of extra shooting punch to boot. I understand they're sacrifical units but what would you have done with the lone inquisitor anyway?

Kirby said...

The lone INQ is 40pts and he goes with the Inq Lord + Ret. That's 6 S6 and 9 S5 shots from the chimera + 3 S6 from the Chimera. Not too shabby with psy defense and DS defense as well.

The thing with the IG army book is you can make so many competitive and efficient armies that trying to nail down the best one I think can be difficult. You could make a couple changes and have a completely different list (i.e. the suggested PBS change or drop out the Inq Lord + Inq & Manty and go for another Vendetta/Vet combo + expand the bubble, etc.). Your suggestion isn't a bad one (other than points off, Inq + Infantry platoon = 100 pts but instead of the Inq you could add some more meltas as you suggested) but I think once you have your core worked out for IG it comes down to preference (assuming you don't pick bad preferences).

So basically we need to wait for Kaney to reply...

Anonymous said...

Aye fair enough. I thought 100pts was a bit steep for an Inq. with a psycannon but the only Inquisition codex I know well is WH so I assumed it was different.

40pts then? Hmm. I still suggest dropping him in exchange for meltas for the infantry. The Lord's unit is pretty badass (as you mentioned) but I think the 40pter's contribution to its badassery is negligible at best. And he's an extra KP is you happen to land a KP mission.

Kaney said...

I dnt kno kirby, i personally think my orignal list is actually stronger.

The vets dnt have a ride, so they have to be in the vendettas. What if i wanna use em as gun boats?

And i do like execuioners, but at 380 ponts...
starting to look a little too point costly.

You realise that u are paying 75 points for 3 heavy bolters in that retinue right? Worth it?

So bassicly, where before i had 4 different melta units in chims and 3 vendettas, now i have either 2 melta units OR two vendettas... meh?

I feel i really must be missing something, cause i normally feel very strongly about the lists u make?

Kirby said...

The list doesn't need a massive amount of melta, hence the lack and is attempting to take the most out of the bubble-wrap unit but I'll simply do a streamlining of your list.

Drop the Inq, PBS, Nades, Power Sword and ACs off the Vets. Drop the Meltas off company platoon and replace with an AC. This gives us (you were over on points o.O!) some points to play with. We'll add another squad of Vets with Demos. This gives us 1890pts so let's get another LRBT and shave a Chimera from the Demo vets. This gives us:

Company Command w/AC, Chimera

2x 10x Vets w/3x melta, Chimera

10x Vets w/3x melta, demolitions

Platoon Command w/4x melta, Chimera

3x 10x infantry platoon w/ AC
(1 w/commisar and meltagun)

3x Vendetta


LR Executioner


1985 pts
11 tanks
71 infantry

Major problem with this list is general lack of antipsy. Demo Vets go into Vendetta or take Command's Chimera. Command order your ACs (putting mguns on command makes this less likely, you want to order those ACs), Infantry bubble wraps the Russes/Manticore [and any chimeras that stay back] and vendettas play around.

It's more streamlined than my proposed list but has a bit less firepower but more meltas flexibility. Doesn't have any extraneous points wasted unlike original though.


Kaney said...

Much better kirbz. Ill prolly end up doing some twisting nd turning to get another chim in for that last vet squad,but ill see. Chears.

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