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Sunday, March 14, 2010

New BA funnery

I found this gem on Warseer. Post #21, top of the page. The guy is complaining the new BA codex is way OP. Anything is OP when you use a list like that lol.

I think the new BA dex will offer a lot of new list variants and hopefully make a hybrid/jump list viable but we shall see. The only thing I'm a bit anxious about is pure Mech simply being better for BA than SM but then as I said before, "these blue marines are really suffering from blue thirst!" To me it looks like another excellent codex which has a lot of options, is balanced and can compete whilst not making the other Imperial books obsolete (if you still want Pods/Termies go BT, TH/SS/raider go SM, Calvary/foot go SW, etc.).

I'm so tired of people complaining about GW and their books. Would you rather have a book where half the units aren't usable unless you're fooling around but I'm not going to spend X dollars on something I'm not going to use at a tournament so why would I buy those models? Eh this is making me want to do a quick look at Tyranids so new post!

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