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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blazers re-sign Camby

This made me really happy. I know most of you who read this don't care about my basketball stuff (first game of new season for me tonight, woot!) but this radiates happy pink! You should all glorify in this radiation (hehe). Blazers next year:

Roy, Miller, Batum, Aldridge, Oden
Camby, Fernandez, Webster, Bayless, Pryzbilla

With Webster's play when he's going, I think Fernandez can be let go soon (particularly if he keeps complaining about minutes). The problem with this line-up is when you get to the playoffs the starters are playing 30-40+ minutes rather than 30ish. I think therefore Fernandez becomes more expendable even though I like him, he's just too inconsistent. Webster at least has shown through the year he'll put his bum down on defense and has shown some great flahses on offense (not just shooting) and defense. I'd like to see more of that from him. Pryzbilla also becomes a bit less important with Camby staying on but both Oden and Aldrige can sub out and you still have a huge front line (Camby may even start for Oden).

Overall, I'm looking forward to next year but I've got my fingers crossed they can beat the Suns. With Roy, without a doubt but we shall see today if they can take Game 2!

3 pinkments:

Anonymous said...

Even if the Big Di**er is healthy, Camby is still a far superior player at this point.

I love big man hoops and wanted Oden to succeed as much as anyone, but Oden over Durant is looking like a bigger and bigger blunder every day. Durant is just unbelievable offensively.

Kirby said...

True true but how many talented 7footers come through the league? Oden was playing well the first part of the season. Portland offense was struggling with Oden in as Roy didn't seem to adjust quickly to Oden/Miller but you have to imagine he will at some point. Defensively though they were amazing. Oden is never going to average 20/10 on Portland because of their offensive style but defensively if he continues the way he did...oh ya.

Furthmore, Batum/Webster I'm quite happy over Durant. Ya I'd prefer Durant but Batum has improved significantly offensively and is amazing on defense and Webster is becoming more consistent.

Right now I'm banging my head with Camby missing what 4 layups? And Hill getting under the basket passes all the time. Pull it together kids!

Jeff Smith said...

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