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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DoWII: Chaos Rising

So nothing of substance again today I'm afraid, assignments bogging me down so it was nice of GWvsJohn to post something. I got DoWII: Chaos Rising the other day to get me through my work (sounds back to front doesn't it lol) so thought I'd write up a quick review. I preferred the original DoW for pure multiplayer purposes which was a bit more classic RTS but with the advent of strategic points as resources. As the expansions came along I got a bit less enthused as it seemed to me as a rock-paper-scissors game which I didn't like (go casual multiplayer). So basically I got annoyed at silly loses and losing my 70% at 1400+ lol (my apm has never been outstanding for RTS as I get so distracted by the pretty lights). I've also never been a huge single player guy, preferring the interaction and competition online (met a lot of good mates online through games including my slob room-mates from way back!) and generally played single player just for cut scenes and storylines after I had gotten used to the system.

So, to DoWII. I liked the multiplayer system for simply capturing but it wasn't my main cup of tea as it became a game of cat and mouse more often than not IMO. However, I did really like the single player campaign as it had really good persistence. Overall it seemed pretty quick but being able to upgrade your characters and squads throughout made me a happy chappy. The same so far with Chaos Rising but with the advent of more traits/skills and a corruption meter (think B&W2). This adds an extra bit of replayability to the single player and satifies my sadistic side ^^. Haven't had a chance for the multiplayer yet but overall I think it's a good expansion. It adds to the single player and a new race is never a bad thing for multiplayer and I'll assume for now THQ/Relic/etc did their usual job of balance.

Overall, if you liked DoWII, you'll enjoy the expansion. I still think the multiplayer isn't my cup of tea in relation to your standard RTS (Starcraft, Warcraft, etc.) but is certainly a good play.

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Chumbalaya said...

I liked the DoW2 campaign, but multiplayer seems like a big departure. I haven't played it much so I'm not sure if it's an improvement or not, but it was fun.

Kirby said...

The thing that irks me the most I guess is

a) the background is fantastic but the graphics just fail in certain points (i.e. water effects)
b) the background gets boring after 20 games of multiplayer because it's the same 3 maps
c) the 200 wrecked predators everywhere. Come on, that's like 10 chapters worth of Preds! Make it chimeras lol

HolyCause said...

Corruption meter sounds cool. Although I disliked B&W2 (and all of molyneux's games in general, lol fable) that mechanic when applied to Dawn of War sounds like an interesting one.

Still not sold on if I should get DOWII or not... the apparent lack of base-building sounds like half of the game is gone, but then again, I always preferred micromanaging the actual units, so maybe it's a fair compromise.

Oh and games for windows live is annoying.

HolyCause said...

Hmm... is it ironic that when I post in a thread about video games, my captcha was "ealiker"? No I most certainly do not! lol

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