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Sunday, April 18, 2010

PM in: Tips?

Had this series of PMs from Navitude on Warseer:

I read your blog after you posted a reply on one of my lists, and I was really interested on some of the info you posted. I want to ask, by your opinion, how do you think VV's should be eqguipped. Also, if you think swapping one of my Honour Guard for a third unit of VV's?
- Nav

Just another couple of questions. You said that you liked Lightening Claws over the Power Weapons, does the re-roll to wound make up for the lack of losing one probable attack, if so, would double claws be anymore effective?

Second, whats a good pairing for model pretenses with storm shields? As you can see I'm trying to be as fluffy and competitive as possible...
Lastly, is 4 PW's + PF a bit to much? Reason why I have them this way is to pretty much kill and Terminators, MC's and anything else quite large fast. I'd don't care so much to lose the unit if it's trading with a couple of my opponents power unit's, but it seems that a lot of people think otherwise. Should I?

And my replies were:
Glad it piqued your interest. I'd say @ 2k points 2 HG is more important than 3 VV because of the extra FNP/FC bubble it gives. I think your list also has 2 Sang Priests? That's 4 FNP/FC bubbles then and since you can't always rely on the DS (even w/DoA) covering everyone the 4th bubble can help a lot.
Also @ 2k I think giving them 2-3 armor ignoring items + a couple SS is best for VV. It let's you deal with easy units you don't want shooting a bitch quicker (i.e. Long Fangs, Oblits, etc.) but still not a huge point sink. To take out superunits you have to multi-assault as much as possible with lots of little units.
IIRC the math makes the LC better against T4+ and minorly worse on T3. When you combine with SS you're also not losing an attack anyways. Two LCs is too expensive though. It's not worth another 15 pts for a 2nd attack, just take an SS on your LC models.
When you are using VV as an anti-super unit, mass PW/LC and SS is a fine setup but I think a Jumper army can deal with super units by sending lots of FC units into them and just torrent them down.
For 2k though I prefer 2-3 LC/PFist and a couple of SS as it makes them able to poke at lighter units and combine against super units.

4 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

LC+SS is a good combo, LCs perform better than PW due to re-rolls, and the you won't get the extra attack anyway.

The_King_Elessar said...


My captcha is 'laters' how cool is that?!

Anonymous said...

"It let's you deal with easy units you don't want shooting a bitch quicker" lol

Kirby said...

woops >.<

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