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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lords of Terra: 1750 Eldar

Doing something a little different with my potential Eldar list I think. Rather than DAVUs I'm going for multiple Storm Guardians (which might be a pain to get/convert). Other than that pretty standard w/Eldrad (no way!), Dragons, Prisms, Serpents & Falcon. If I drop the Guardians back to DAVUs I've got 65 points to fiddle with so options available and suggestions welcome, could always put stones on everything...ew! Outside of the Guardians I've got everything and just need to make the paint scheme coherent. I'm taking Eldrad for the ability to double cast whatever power I need. With the increased in anti-psy if I want Fortune on a Serpent I can more likely get it off, same w/Doom, etc. and for only 50 extra points over a normal Seer...okay done.

HQ -

Elites -
Fire Dragons x5 w/Wave Serpent w/underslung Shuriken Cannon, TL-Shuriken Cannon

Fire Dragons x5 w/Wave Serpent w/underslung Shuriken Cannon, TL-Shuriken Cannon

Fire Dragons x5 w/Wave Serpent w/underslung Shuriken Cannon, TL-Shuriken Cannon

Troops -
Storm Guardians x10 w/2 fusion guns w/Wave Serpent w/underslung Shuriken Cannon, TL-Bright Lance

Storm Guardians x10 w/2 fusion guns w/Wave Serpent w/underslung Shuriken Cannon, TL-Bright Lance

Dire Avengers x5
Heavy Support -
Fire Prism w/underslung Shuriken Cannon
Fire Prism w/underslung Shuriken Cannon
Falcon w/Scatter laser, underslung Shuriken Cannon, Holo-fields, Spirit Stones
Totals: 1749 pts
8 tanks
41 infantry
Again, can drop the Guardians back to DAVUs and play around with some points so any thoughts or suggestions there are welcome. Plan is the same as any decent Eldar list, play keep away as needed and get the Dragons to drop as many tanks as possible as needed.

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Anonymous said...

3 FD, 2 BL and 2 Prisms might be enough AT at 1750. You might get more burn from flamer guardians to clear objectives

Chumbalaya said...

I was thinking flamer Guardians too, or at least DBF on the Dragons. You need to clear terrain out and massed S6 may not always do it. Triple flamer (Warlock w/ destructor) Storm Guardians can be very nasty.

The_King_Elessar said...

Liking it as is. Flamers MIGHT work better - big IF IMO.

There's no way to scrape points for Warlocks though. At least, without hurting the list.

Well...there is ONE way. Dropping a Dragon squad for DestrucLocks, and filling with Vypers. Scatter Vypers, IMO. Dual Cannon < Scatter.

Sobless: Unhappy, yet unable to stimulate tear ducts.

Chrisrawr said...

Just wondering at the Brightlances on your waveserpents - aren't the EML's better? If you dropped them down you'd be able to take an exarch with bladestorm on those d'avengers.

Kirby said...

TKE how could you suggest less Dragons? lol. Flamer guardians are a potential choice but I wouldn't have the points for 2 w/Lock though I could drop one for a DAVU Serpent, again though they are sort of last ditch attempts (and look better on comp? lol) so it's not like they are getting out much.

@Chrisrawr; BLs are very expensive but give the Eldar the ability to deal with heavy mech at range. The ability to stop Russes/Exos/Raiders from shooting/moving on T1 is very important even though the chances are minimal.

And Exarchs as they stand generally aren't worth it I'm afriad. Dragon one is if you have the points for DBF but Bladestorm means my Avengers would be hopping out which I don't want anyways, particularly since they are in a Falcon, they just sit and drink tea.

Chrisrawr said...

My mistake, after looking at the Eldar codex, Bright Lances do indeed have the Lance quality. Funny how the Krule book fails to mention that little tidbit.

Kirby said...

Lance is kind of important! lol

So thinking of some potential changes. I realised I don't have an Eldrad model and don't really want to fork out for it :P so unless I borrow Vince's which would then break up my theme (how am I to score max paint now!?!?!) I might have to make do with a regular Seer. I'd like to keep a Seer in there simply for RoWard and would most likely toss up Guide/Fortune and then an Autarch for reserves fun and another Fusion gun or should I drop the Seer altogether and re-work list?

Or should I stop being a douche and just buy Eldrad (this is the most agreeable course of action I believe...and lol I just realised something. My Guardians, are BLACK! woo go fluff)?

Also, does anyone know where I can get 2x fusion guns as the Storm Guardians come w/1 flamer and 1 fusion gun so I'm 2 fusions short save some GSing though I'd prefer to have the flamers for interchangability (or just go one fusion, one flamer squad)?

I might try and do some pre-lim painting on my Eldar this weekend (since I've already done some on my Nids) and post it up if I have time.

Auretious Taak said...

Dude any sort of full mech is basically alien in this comp-tourney scene. I submitted 2 lists for leviathan and the one I WANTED to run (a Bjorn Dread/vehicle spam list of fun and like 13-14 vehicles at 1500pts lolol) got the only 0's from comp panel out of like 42+ other one got 19/42 which I ran and got 4 victories of 5 so meh. Suffice to say looking at the list, alot of opponents won't be prepared for it.

My advice to meta-game better out here is to get the Fire Dragons an Exarch with Dragons Breath Flamer...think that's it, the HF upgrade, it'll give you the flexibility you'll need. Otherwise solid list.

The good thing about lords is it is run by ArchonCryx who is also aregular opponent now and iunlike other tO's he actually will allow any list to be played. Be relaxed, enjoy the game and make the experience of tabling opponents or beating them into the ground enjoyable and light hearted and if their is a peer comp score that'll help if it is post game scoring. Sooo annoyed I won't be able to get along and play, probably there for the Saturday or hopefully part of the Saturday depends on the trip to Canberra for HvZ at ANU.

Otherwise am lookming forwards to an actual solid non-comp tourney style match up between us man.


Auretious Taak.

Auretious Taak said...

P.S. I wish I knew what this acc was for posting on YTTH then i wouldn't be Luke Roberts I'd be Taak with my cool burny friend avatar! :p

Kirby said...

Mmm Dragon. As I'm replying in the e-mail; not really fussed as to comp. I have my models which have been earned with moneys and painted with love (not literally Dethtron). I'm going to play with them.

I look forward to more non-comp tourneys so keep me updated on any that do come up ^^. I generally can't travel though because of thesis work atm :(. Should be ready for games late June/early July depending on my assembly speed.

BrotherOracle said...

I bought the Storm Guardian bitz pack awhile ago and it had 2 of each special

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