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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stormraven: Take 2

Well we tried to looking at the Stomraven before here but it didn't really work. DooDoo suggested a 2k list w/Astotorath w/DC + Dreads. Problem with this list comes down to popping the tanks and I think dropping the Tacs in Rhinos would be better replaced w/ASM in Pods + MM/HF Speeders. Chumbalaya also pointed said Termies don't really fit in the with the Ravens, you essentially have the same problems with the BA dual Raider list, not enough points. So let's see if we can create a balanced list w/Ravens and then add units in later.

We'll take the Ravens again w/MM, PC & Hurricanes x2 for 230. What type of Dreads do we want to put in them though? Our Elite CC dudes we want in the Ravens compete with points and we also want Sang Priests which are Elites, mildly annoying. Well I have an idea which might work so let's drop in 2x Furiosos w/Magna Grapple (keep the beefy DCCWs). 140 each and we've got our "speedy" core. Now we'll stick 2 Priests in, 1 per SR which drops us back a further 100 and let's put our speeders in before we need anything else. Ideally we'd prefer MM/HF speeders as we are after tank popping over tank suppression in this army. Let's start w/2x2 setting us back 280 and leaving us at 1080 pts w/o any Troops, HQ or anything in Ravens. Can we solve this with a single purcahse? Dante! :O 225 points gone and we want a melta unit to stick him in. HG w/4x meltas and Jump Packs leaves us 490 points to play with.

Time for some Sanguinary Guard. 230 points gets us a Fist & 2 Infernous pistols and leaves us 30 points overall. Not enough for a Libarian which could be damning but enough to add in EA on the Ravens. Let's see what we've got:

HG w/4x meltaguns, Jump Packs
2x Sang Priest
2x Furioso w/Magna Grapple
2x Sang Guard w/PFist, 2x infernous pistol
2x2 MM/HF Speeder
2x Raven w/TL-MM, TL-PC, Hurricane Bolters, EA

Ideally we want to try and get loc beacons on the Ravens and add in a Libby. Let's drop a speeder and split them into 3 squads and drop the EA on Ravens for the Libby w/Blood Lance & Shield but we still lack Loc Beacons/EA on the Ravens. We can live with that in the end. So thoughts on this list? More balanced than before. It doesn't use Terminators but is still capable of popping tanks, getting in your face and messing you about in combat. It lacks numbers but generally requires anti-tank fire to drag everything down. The final list can be seen below.

HQ -
Libby w/Blood Lance & Shield
Honor Guad w/Jump Packs, 4x Meltagun

Elites -
2x Sang Priests
Furioso w/Grapple
Furioso w/Grapple

Troops -
Sang Guard w/PFist, 2x Infernous Pistol
Sang Guard w/PFist, 2x Infernous Pistol

Fast Attack-
MM/HF Speeder
MM/HF Speeder
MM/HF Speeder
Heavy Support -
Stormraven w/TL-PC, TL-MM, Hurricane Bolters
Stormraven w/TL-PC, TL-MM, Hurricane Bolters

Totals: 2000 pts
Infantry: 19
Tanks: 7

8 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...


I'm ok with this. It combines my 2 great frustrating loves: Stormravens and scoring Sanguinary Guard.

You only have 2 scoring units there, but lots of other goodies.

I think ISTs would be handy to ride in your Ravens, but we don't know if they'll be available for much longer.

What about putting cheap melta in the Raven, use it to accurately pop things, then follow up with assaulters? As much as it pains me, lose Dante and the SG, take RAS with packs and combat squad 'em and throw in VV to taste.

kennedy said...

This is the Super Elite list. I think a lot of people are gonna try really hard to make this work and fail really miserably.

Because this list lacks numbers, it's going to suffer from any bad rolls or if the opponent does really well at some point during the game. Even 2+ FNP can be brought down by weight of fire or high quality fire.

The way I see it, you're putting a lot of eggs in the Stormraven basket. If that basket is broken, you ain't makin' no omelets no more. Sure, you have Dante, who I assume is deep striking with the Honor Guard and maybe the Libby. You also have the 3 speeders. But, let's face it, none of those are enough to deal with a whole army if the Ravens get stuck somewhere.

To me, this is a list that only the skilled can make work right. Even then, I feel like a half-decent general with a good list (i.e. one with lots of ranged anti-tank) can seriously disrupt the battle plan here.

Kirby said...

Agreed Kennedy but I must do as the Pink Army asks :P (i.e. heavy hitting Elites out of Ravens). Ravens are excellent gunboats but you are paying the price for their nifty transport abilities so your army is going to become pretty uni-dimensional. I still think Stelek's 2.5k one is your best bet although Chumb's idea with ASM/VV also has it's merits.

As Kennedy points out, all it takes if the Ravens to founder and your army breaks up. You don't have the saturation of Eldar and you certainly don't have the weight of bodies to throw around but for a themed, nifty and elite assault army, this is your cup of tea.

So everyone who has asked me for one of these chime in with your joy...please? Lol

Eddie said...

I've thought about doing a double storm raven list for a while because I think delivering Mephiston first turn is lawlz :D

How's this?

Mephiston: 250

Furioso librarian, magna grapple: 190
Furioso librarian, magna grapple: 190
5 TH assault terminators: 225

Assault squad: TL HF razorback, melta gun, infernus pistol serg: 145
Assault squad: TL HF razorback, melta gun, infernus pistol serg: 145
Assault squad: TL HF razorback, melta gun, infernus pistol serg: 145
Assault squad: TL HF razorback, melta gun, infernus pistol serg: 145

Land speeder, MM, HF: 70
Land speeder, MM, HF: 70

Stormraven, TL MM, TL PC: 200
Stormraven, TL MM, TL PC: 200

Totals 1975. I'd go with Shield + Wings on the librarian furiosos. They go in the storm ravens, as do the terminators and Mephiston.

DooDoo said...

I cant get away from the idea that 2 storm ravens should be carrying at least 10 DC and 2 DC dreads. With that setup there is no need to take the Grim and you can also get melta into the second raven. Am I wrong in thinking that DC dreads are a better value than Furiosos and they dont eat up elite slots.

JRV said...

that SR looks pretty awesome btw, pretty much how I imagine it. Though, I would hold off until Sept-ish myself =)

List looks like a lot of fun, I will have to try it out.

Kirby said...

Eddie; that's not bad but I think an HG squad is really needed for FNP/FC bubble. It just makes Terminators...ridiculus. You could then potentially drop Mephiston down to a Libby w/HG (215) and add in some meltaguns or kit them out for combat (but that does leave you lacking Meph).

I'd also have the Furiosos w/Blood Lance + something else. Blood Lance + magna grapple fun :) though at the same time I'd be happy with them being plain old Furiosos.

@Doodoo; Furiosos have the added benefit of AV13 on front and magna grapple which is mitigated by the no shaken/stunned on DC dreads. The problem for DC Dreads is the DC. DC really aren't worth the 20 points when they aren't scoring and have lost Rending. Sure for that extra 4 pts over a Tac you're getting Fearless, FNP, FC, +1A and Rage but all they really are is overglorified ASM on foot. More ASM or VV would be better IMO.

@JRV; thanks for shout out =D; let us know how list goes if you try it (try Eddie's, too).

Chumbalaya said...

I try to like DC, but they just cost too much. I think a smaller unit to roll with a DC Dread or Furioso as a big distraction is about the best you can do.

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