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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Updates II

Well a quick update post, sorry I didn't do anything yesterday but the guest authors came through brilliantly! I've also been offerred a Guest author spot on Space Wolves blog so might be linking articles back and forth or expanding on my Space Wolves articles there (i.e. the upcoming Psy Powers post for Space Wolves). Smurfy has also reared his head as a new author here (yay) so hopefully we'll see some more from him. Vinsanity has posted his potential lists for his Lords of Terra assualt and I'm sure he'd appreciate some votes. We also got over 1200 hits yesterday so good work. Apparently me spending money is a hot topic. Still need to order my bases which will garner another post (1300?). Btw my order is in "processing" atm :(, not sent yet!

Working extensively on thesis today but will hopefully get a few posts up, may even paint some Termagants for fun. Puppy has finished his Tyranid review and I'm sure he'd appreciate some feedback on his posts! I will be adding my thoughts ASAP (in blue writing) but for now, let's revel in the time and effort he has put into those articles.

Also a note to guest authors: try not to make too many new labels please. We don't want to end up like TKE's blog do we? And try and keep swearing in posts to a minimum. As I said in Smurfy's post we are linked to family related blogs and whilst a good swear word or two can help vent some steam and expression, let's be creative with our words! Don't make me use electrical shock therapy...

Oh and a further note to all. My ethics is going through atm so we should be up and running for my thesis soon (titled Your Time Online). I will be posting information about that up here but would love for you all to take part as the more results = better for me. I'm not sure if there will be potential monetary rewards (like a raffle) yet as it depends if Ethics goes yay or nay.


5 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

Ooh, I want to be in a raffle!

This place is growing so fast *sniff*

Kirby said...

We'll see if Ethics allows it; and you'd have to complete the forms anyway.

It has indeed! 6 months of operation...impressive. Hopefully we'll grow more :). Added some behind the scenes gadgets so I know what you peoples do on here more, too...

The Wolf's Lunch said...

(i.e. the upcoming Psy Powers post for Space Wolves)

*shakes fist*

But wow, to think that Kirby is going to be on BOTH of the blogs I frequent...scary :S

The_King_Elessar said...

Hey! All of my labels contain at least one quality article that you could probably find via one of the three other labels it has...

Vinsanity said...

I quite like putting the additional few swears in my posts :D I guess I could friendly them up a bit ^^. Oh noes, Kirbs is spying on us with his gadget hax, better inform the mods :D

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