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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Email in: 1850 Space Wolves

Given that I usually play assault-oriented armies, I wanted to try something on the shooty-side and the wolves seem to be the most efficient. Here is the idea (based around the razorspam concept):

HQ: Rune Priest w/ chooser: 110

E1: 3 WG (2 combi melta), las/plas razorback: 139
E2: 3 WG (2 combi melta), las/plas razorback: 139
E3: 3 WG (2 combi melta), las/plas razorback: 139

T1: 5 GH (flamer), las/plas razorback: 150
T2: 5 GH (flamer), las/plas razorback: 150
T3: 5 GH (flamer), las/plas razorback: 150
T4: 5 GH (flamer), las/plas razorback: 150
T5: 5 GH (flamer), las/plas razorback: 150
T6: 5 GH (flamer), las/plas razorback: 150

HS: 3 LF (2 missile launcher), las/plase razorback: 140
HS: 3 LF (2 missile launcher), las/plase razorback: 140
HS: 3 LF (2 missile launcher), las/plase razorback: 140

Any room for improvements?

Not really Jason (this totals 1847 for the curious). I'd personally prefer Rhinos for the LF so they can sit and shoot out of that rather than being shot which also provides you points for HKMs on most of your vehicles for a bigger first turn alpha strike. When you take it up to 2k add another Rune Priest. Not sure what powers you are going with either, Storm Caller and? Outside of the HKM and switching to Rhinos for Fangs, not much to do with this type of army :P. Up to you on the Rhino/HKM switch though what do others think? Stick with the 3 extra las/plas RBacks or go with Rhinos for tophatch fun and HKMs on the rest of the army?

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Matt Varnish said...

This is like a super hot chick going on one of those make-over shows and asking how she can look more beautiful. How can you improve this list? I'd say its done, and enjoy playing a few games where you wipe other armies off the table, and no one wants to play you because this list has really no life to it. Its a pure stats army.

Maybe paint this army really nicely? That way if you get super bored of playing it you can get decent money for it on ebay?

This of course sounds like I'm a whiney bitch, but take it from me, I used to play lists like this in 40k and WFB alike, and after a while, no one wants to play against it, I started to feel bad bringing it out.. others might not have those compunctions, but I did. If you don't mind being the guy people avoid when they come into the store on game nights, or are a tournament hound, by all means, go for it. Maybe instead of using space wolf bits you can see if a company will make custom nerd accountant heads for your guys, as it would fit the fluff more to have stats guys toting/driving all this shootiness rather than drunk bearded vikings!

Auretious Taak said...
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Auretious Taak said...

P.S. Rune Priest needs to have Living Lightning as the primary power and flavour as you wish the secondary though Murderous Hurricane works the best in a one off RP. Throw him in a LF Rhino and guess what, he can split off that LL to a second target from the LF Sgt's ability which applies to his unit as a whole.

Auretious Taak said...

P.P.S. I was asleep (stupid sleeping patterns cocked up) so to redo the points correctly:

Can someone say Stelek Critical Mass except with LF Razorbacks not Rhinos? I know I can.

Personally it is far more effective running the LF's in rhino's so they at least have some sort of protection as opposed to being obvious first turn easy kills cause at best they'll be in cover and thus still torrented to death, sure the Rhino's may get stunned/shaken but that isn't a major weakness as the LF's are still a threat next turn.

Drop the Razobacks to Rhino's thus recovering 120pts. You then drop a GH unit with Razorback and gain 150pts, totals 270pts.

Now take 3 Landspeeder Typhoons with HB's for 270pts and bam, that sir, is a more powerful list, as whilst you lose 4 lascannons/twin-plasmaguns and gain 6 frag or krak missiles instead, your LF's are survivable and the inbuilt redundancy of missile spam from the Typhoons coupled with the LF's makes the list superior. Throw in 2 more mech vehicles (3 Typhonns - a razorback GH = 2) and you still have a stronger vehicle base.

But really, you probably already know this as the list is a Critical Mass Space Wolf rip and this has all been discussed indepth over on YTTH and abroad before.

Auretious Taak.

P.P.S. @Matt Varnish, the list is a non-comp tournament style list. It is bloody fun to play against and against really soft armies I've played said list (with Typhoons, HKM's and Emperor's Tarot Alpha Strike funsies as well as Bjorn) and had the sum firepower bounce off of an army in reinforced techmarine ruins...nothing says frustration like 18+ Krak missiles and 8 or 9 lascannons and 6 LL shots bouncing off cover to kill a single Thunderfire Cannon...In a non-comp tourney this is a strong list but then your opponents are running equally broken lists and knowing how to play the list properly is just as good a skill to have. Sure it looks like a monkey can run it but againsta strong opponent, inexperience will screw you. Don't forget tank shot fun! So much fun with this list, heh! :D

Jason said...

Thanks for the input everyone. I wasnt sure what to do with the LFs but I like the idea of adding typhoons and rhinos.

P.S. I thought my request made it clear that it was built around razorspam, a concept that Stelek invented. Wasnt trying to claim authorship just trying to tweak it for 1850

Kirby said...

Lies jason! You tried to claim it yourself :p lol.

I think LFs in Rhinos is a good option though up to you on the Typhoons. I'd prefer the 14 HKMs for a bigger 1st turn ball kicking but the Typhoons will give you more stability over the course of the game.

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