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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lords of Terra: Tyranids Take 3

Well, we've arrived at the painting stage. I'm finishing up the Libby on bike first today and all of my gants are undercoated, some will even be leaping! Rawr. I've decided I need more Gants though (having...52-53 depending how I count) but have also found myself one Ravener short. So unless I can find a single Ravener for sale cheaply (I'm not buying a box of the new ones for 50+ AUD) my list will be 3 Raveners rather than 4. Maybe I'll get a comp loving for this? Unlikely lol. I'm still waiting for a 3rd ed Carnifex to pop up as well to convert into my other Tyrannofex and am working on conversion ideas for the Tervigon (remember my limited modelling ability). So this gives me 40 pts to play with in my army list or I can drop the Raveners all together. My other models consist of quite a few Zoanthropes, Lictors, Hormaguants, Rippers and Genestealers so what modifications do we think I can do? Should I just take the punch in the gut and play with 3 Raveners and add some upgrades here and there (i.e. 2 more gants + onslaught) or drop the Raveners all together. Also, does anyone have a spare LW & BS MC sized? Here is my list without the Raveners:

HQ -
Hive Tyrant w/LW & BS, Old Adversary, HVC, Leech Life, Paroxysm
Tyrant Guard w/LW

Elites -
2x HG
2x HG
2x HG

Troops -
10x Termagant
10x Termagant
Tervigon w/Adrenal, Toxin, Catalyst, Cluster
Tervigon w/Adrenal, Toxin, Catalyst, Cluster

Heavy Support -
Tyrannofex w/Rupture Cannon, electroshock grubs, cluster spines

Tyrannofex w/Rupture Cannon, electroshock grubs, cluster spines

Totals: 1605 pts
27 infantry
5 MC

So let's hear your thoughts without making me go spend a billion more pennies!

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Matt Varnish said...

Well, maybe this will give you ideas for the tervigons:

The first pic, click it, the model on the right is my tervigon, it differs from the regular carnifex in that is uses the 6-eyed 'enhanced senses' head with the top trimmed off and spare trygon head crest glued on (trimmed down a bit) The artwork in the codex shows scything talons, but as those are nearly useless on tervigons, I went with the weird mouth claws, again spare from a trygon kit, as well as the poison tail from that same trygon kit. Tough to see, but I have a baby termagaunt head coming out of the chest area, and have since added a few termagaunts to the base.

If you want better shots, I can bust out the camera if you like.

As to the list, I have 60 termagaunts, and only once did I run out in a game. I run 2 x 10 minimum in the list for 40 spares. You shouldnt need more than what you have really, and if you do, I'm sure people have old Battle for McRage termies leftover for you.

Anonymous said...

145 free? Smells like Deathleaper. He's under 145 right?

Kirby said...

I like the Tervigon Matt but no Trygon and not willing to pay for one atm ^^. I had a game the other day where I needed 111 on Vassal so..., most in RL has been 55 so far on the table at once but I can see what will happen. I'll go buy more Gants and roll triple ones turn 1 :P every game lol. I won't buy more and I'll get another 100+ game. I have a friend in England who's visiting soon so will just get her to bring some out since it's cheap as chips compared to here.

@GWvsJohn; 160 for DL so a possibility. means converting a lictor though ^^.

Matt Varnish said...

Alright, but since the trygon was built and these were just spare parts, see if any other tyranid players you know has some spare parts out of that kit, and if you have the 6 eyed head, you are good to go. I chose the 6 eyed head purely because I like to think the Tervigon needs to keep eyes on its various broods.......

Chumbalaya said...

You should be able to find a single Ravener on eBay or something. If not, give a Warrior a goofy GS tail :P

AbusePuppy said...

I normally make do with ~60 Termagants, so you should be doing okay. I do sometimes run out, but generally in games like that it isn't relevant (you spawning large broods + them not killing anything = you're probably winning.)

145pts left, hrm? Well, a single Tyranid Prime could take up a decent chunk of those points. (LW/BS + Toxin + Regen is 115.) You could also slap Regen on all your MCs if you want to avoid spending any cash- it's not an ideal option, but I think at 1750 it's still reasonably viable.

Vinsanity said...

I've got a ravenor and a fex for u then ;) I've also got parts of a red terror or 2 :D

maybe I could swap u for some wraithguard and something else, ill see ;)

i finish my exam 2mo so after that I might give u a call or something and we can work it out..

I'm also contemplating a sang guard army, maybe for LoT since I'm not too confident bout painting up all the Templars in time...

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