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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Email in: Blood Angels @ 1500

"Will (aka Kirby),

Greetings, I'm a huge fan of your blog! You and your co-authors have slapped together some fantastic information fore vets and us noobs (me) alike.

I've recently started playing 40K again and just couldn't resist the new Blood Angels Codex. I've played a few games at a 1000pts and am now looking to upgrade. I've won 4 games and drawn 1. My list was a mix of mech and JP ASMs lead by a Librarian or Recls. I think this is more doable at a 1000pts, but know it'll get very unwieldy at 1500pts and above. Although I've taken the time to assemble some Baals and regular Predators I'd like to stick to a JP oriented force. My original plan was to go JPs, but I got sidetracked.

I was wondering if you'd mind offering some advice on this 1500pt list? I've tried my best to make a smaller version of the 2000pt and 1850pt lists on your site. I'm really hung up on how best to equip these Vanguard Veterans. I'm assuming I want them to tie up enemies ASAP. I figured I'd use the ASM squad as semi-suicide tank hunters.

Here it goes:

Librarian - w/ JP, Blood Lance and Shield
Honor Guard - w/ 3 x MG and JPs

2 x Sang. Priests - w/ PW and JP

2 x ASM - w/ 2 x MGs and PF
ASM - w/ MG and IP
 Fast Attack:
VV - w/ JPS, Glaive/SS, BP/PF, PW/SS, BP/CS and BP/CS
VV - w/ JPS, Glaive, PW/BP, HF/CS, BP/CS and BP/SS

Total: 1500pts


Jason (aka Rhodric)

P.S. I have a separate question regarding Tyranids and Imperial Guard, but will save that for another email. Hope you don't mind!"

Glad you enjoy the blog, I'm sure the other authors will also enjoy getting some loving ^^. Jason sent another e-mail pointing out he undercosted the HG so the list is actually 1550. At 1500 you don’t really need more than 20 maybe 25 ASM and 2-3 FNP/FC bubbles are spot on. The VV however have a lot of extra stuff on them which we don’t need (the SP can also do without the PW). Recalling from our Jumper How To and what VV roles are, in this list we want them to be super-unit absorbers (and at 1500 there shouldn’t be too many of those) so we’ll kit them out with 3 maybe 4 SS each. With 2 full squads of ASM and 4 SS on each VV squad we sit at 1430 points, not enough to add in another squad of ASM (125). So we have a couple of options ahead of us. We can upgrade units (i.e. PFist, LCs on the VV or IPs here and there) or drop some points to make room for another small squad or Libby.

At this points level I’d be inclined to go for the Libby or 3rd ASM squad so let’s cut back on some points. Problem is, dropping an SS from each VV leaves us with 1515 points with the extra squad or libby. So let’s replace the IP with a handflamer and drop a meltagun from the Honor Guard. Whilst this makes the HG less anti-heavy tank, 2 meltaguns + blood lance is still quite decent and it means the 5 man ASM isn’t completely useless. This leaves us with:

Libby w/JP (lance & shield)
HG w/JP, 2x meltagun
2x SP w/JP
2x10xASM w/2xmeltagun, PFist
5x ASM w/meltagun, handflamer
2x5x VV w/glaive & 3x SS

Totals: 1500 pts
43 jumpers

VV clear out bubble wrap and tie up units early whilst the ASM & HG pop tanks. ASM then provide combat support through torrenting S5/I5 attacks & PFists whilst HG & SPs provide FNP/FC bubbles to whole army. Libby can punch through castles but can be unreliable at times due to only one and can provide cover on the drop whilst avoiding terrain.

5 pinkments:

SynnerG said...

That's pretty similar to my current list, tho I' going with a second HQ and HG, but that's interchangeable with the VVs. I just hope to see/read more accounts of jumper armies doing well competitively. I keep running the numbers, and just not a fan of armor, eventho this is supposed to be the big bad Mech edition.

Chumbalaya said...

I still like a unit of SG in as a hammer unit. Jumper marines are lots of fun.

Kirby said...

@SynnerG; Jumper armies are good and competitive :P. After my Blood Rodeo is put together after my Tyranids tournament I'll have most of my Jumper army put together anyway so you'll be able to see some concrete examples of it. Armor saturation is a bitch but you're bringing the hurt on all fronts (accurately) with meltaguns and have the ability to clear bubble-wraps. What more can you want!? (3++'s?)

@Chumb; aye though @ 1500 not really feasible I think but can certainly replace the HG in higher points and just take more Priests.

Rhodric said...

Thank you for the detailed reply. How valuable is the small ASM Squad? What about dropping it for a Recls. w/ JP? I'd have to drop a SS or 2 though.

Kirby said...

I'd be fine with points elsewhere but it does give you a bit more flexibility with scoring and anti-tank. I wouldn't go the route of Reclusiarch though and rather lean to another Libby for duality purposes. + double lance = awesome

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