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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Final Templars List for LoT!

(kudos to DeadXCross on DeviantArt for the funny pic :P)

Hey all, Vinsanity here. So Ive come up with my final list (I hope) for LoT and now I need to get painting!

LoT Black Templars List - 1750


Emperors Champion - Accept Any Challenge, Crusader Seals 140


5 Sword Brethren Terminators - 2 Assault Cannons, Tank Hunters Skill 255

5 Sword Brethren Terminators - 2 Assault Cannons, Tank Hunters Skill 255


6 Initiates - bps, ccws, Meltagun, Powerfist, frags
3 Neophytes -bps, ccws, frags
Mounted in Rhino - Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers 218

8 Initiates - bps, ccws, Meltagun, Powerfist, frags
2 Neophytes -bps, ccws, frags
Mounted in Rhino - Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers 241

8 Initiates - bps, ccws, Meltagun, Powerfist, frags
2 Neophytes -bps, ccws, frags
Mounted in Rhino - Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers 241

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Tornado - Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer 75

Land Speeder Tornado - Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer 75

Heavy Support

Predator - Autocannon Turret and Sponson Lascannons 125

Predator - Autocannon Turret and Sponson Lascannons 125

Total 1750

So what is different? Well Ive cut the LRC and the 10/4 unit add added 5 more shooty terminators and a 6/3 unit in rhino to go with the EC. And finally Ive got 29 points left, enough for frags on all 29 crusader members.

So what do people think? Seems as if it looks fairly solid with some cool units (terminators :D) but lacks the heavy armour and the hammer unit that is sometimes present like a 6 LC/FC termi unit in a LRC. But I chose 2 units of shooty termis as they are overall better in a balanced list imo. The ability to take care of tanks and units at range and the ability to deliver a nice 10 rerolling to hit PF attacks (15 on the charge) is quite hard too :P And theyre STR 9 vs vehicles and the asscannons are s13 on the rend meaning an auto glance and a pen on a 3+ vs land raiders ;)

The decision to get frags is a costly one but it means that I wont necessarily lose initiates before they get to attack guys on cover, which I anticipate will happen a fair few times in 5 games...

Anywho, comment on this list, cheers fellas!

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AbusePuppy said...

Looks like a pretty decent list; is there anywhere else those 29 points could easily go? I'm not super-familiar with BT, so it's hard to say, but you could probably get away with just throwing frags on one of the squads and aiming it towards the appropriate unit in cover rather than the grenade-less ones.

Messanger of Death said...

The lack of mobility on the Tactical Terminators may be an issue. Against a horde of Nids (or even Orks) I would be concerned of getting bogged down. For some reason I can picture the Crusader Squads being isolated from the Terminators and then getting bitch slapped for a turn or two while 450 or so points walk up the field.

Plus walking Terminators can die easily to Imperial Guard armies like Sandwyrm's (and also Ravagers with Disintegrators... wait DE lol).


N.B. the second game has the 1750 point IG army that likes to rip walking Terminators up...

Anonymous said...

The only thing to combat that is podding the terminators... but that leaves the rest of your army there to weather fire for 2+ turns.

I think BT will always be facing an uphill battle when out of Land Raiders/uber-spammed (sorry Dethtron) rhino/razors or the whole force being podded.

I think you should do okay Vin, but take heed of what MoD says... those guys can easily find themselves torrented to death. They should be able to stay out of LoS for a turn or 2 behind the rhinos and make sure they don't get left too far behind... but in reality you don't want to get them too close either. Against Orks I wouldn't worry, stay far (18-24") away and you'll be fine. Against nids on the other hand, the nasty things can stay at the back and send the little gribblies forward. It's then when you have to make some tough decisions as to when they need to get involved. Hopefully the fire from the Preds should help with this though.

Dropping some neophytes may give you enough points for a third speeder, but at least 1 squad needs frag grenades.

Chumbalaya said...

I like the tank hunting Termies, but they will run into trouble against armies like IG and DE that can throw out a lot of AP2 outside of 30".

Vinsanity said...

Cheers guys, useful comments. Not sure about the dropping of neophytes to add a speeder, I'd have to make those troops like 7 man ones to do it which i don't like ;)

I can foresee a few problems against IG especially, but I think that most armies have trouble with ig and de I hope aren't that common. Perhaps the lists I may face will not be as spamtastic as those ig lists by sandwyrm as those meltavets in chims wouldn't recieve a good comp score...

But I think that the list should be able to hold it's own vs most opponents. But it will probably get creamed vs Kirbs nids ;)

btw, anyone up for a game sometime this week? I think taak offered last week and a few others did... I'm going on a 10 day cruise next week so would be up for games this week, either at city store or even at my place if we have to proxy a lot of models which I'm not sure gw stores would allow...

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