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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Email in: Death company. Bloodthirsty maniacs. Intensely Awesome.


Hey kirby, its that crazy guy again. I'll be short and sweet this time.

I accidently bought astorath a few days ago, and now to stop myself daydreaming aswell as to provide some incentive to finish off my vanilla marines I was hoping you could cook me up a DC based 1000 point list that could scale to 1750 to include old man grumpy. (I can't decide whether mech or jump packs are the way to go)

Thanks for the help in advance!"

Hey Stuart. I'm going to throw this out to public ala Stelek style atm due to my busy weekend but will post a fully fleshed out reply on Monday morning (i.e. 16 hours from now). My initial thoughts are you simply cannot make a competitive list with lots of DC as your scoring power drops dramatically. If you were using Astorath you'd be after the higher chances of FC/Fearless and maybe multiple tiny squads of DC so they don't get lol raged around the board. Jump would be the way to go but your army would seriously be looking at ways to table your opponent rather than play to the missions. Add in the reduced anti-tank capabilities...well let's see what people whip up and what I can come up with by tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, basically DC weaken your army. Other options are simply more competitive, period.

Don't waste your time making fluff lists for people - if they want to make a pretty army that will lose a lot they can certainly accomplish that themselves.

Raptors8th said...

Have to disagree on you about going jump with Death Company Kirbs, you need them in transports so rage isn't a problem, otherwise they just end up chasing scouts or grots.

Caz said...

As nice as the models are (i just use most parts for ass. marines anyway) and as good as their stat lines are, the inability to claim objectives and rage make them a poor choice to base an army around. They are one of the best deathstar units in the game if a chaplain and some fists/power weapons are included but with rage, against anyone who knows the rules they will only be good to kill one enemy unit before they are kited around the table and either shot to pieces by ap 1/2 or ignored. Against someone playing with MSU/sacrificial squads they are even more useless.

If you must take an army with a few units of DC, keep them cheap and mech. That way you can at least take some objecive sitters and some reliable anti-tank

Chumbalaya said...

They have to be in transports to counteract Rage and keep costs low.

Running a couple small units in Razors/Rhinos as expendable doom units and taking some Tacticals to combat squad and hold objectives would be fine. All your aggro comes from expendable but very tough units, forcing your opponent to deal with them, while you can still pump out plenty of firepower and add support as needed.

Gx1080 said...

Didn't Stelek made a list with Astorath at 2k?

Also, lolRage gets denied if you use DoA and can actually catch fast vehicles.

Kirby said...

In regards to Chumb & Raptors, agreed. Thought about this last night and went why did I suggest that... Will put something together when it comes to me Stuart, worry not but I do have to echo what the above have said.

@Gx1080; no idea. Find out :P?

Skellum said...

Hey all thanks for the posts and the comments :D I would have posted something earlier but my net hates me and Iprimus likes to be known for its fail.
Anyway, an all DC army that wasn't terribad was a small hope but a man can dream *tear*. Still it's now clear to me that FC are meant to be more of a pointy distraction than an armoured fist. I've got an idea for a mech list based on this but I'll post that later today. For now I'll just try and absorb everyone's knowledge here via osmosis :P

Kirby said...

Let's see what you come up with then and I'll review it Skellum.

Skellum said...

Ok here's a quick 1000 BA list:


5 DC with an infernus pistiol and fist of power mounted in a razor back with an ass cannon

5 ass marines with a meltagun, no packs and a razorback with ass cannon

5 ass marines with a meltagun, no packs and a razorback with ass cannon

Furioso libby

Furioso libby

Proceed with decimation :)

Kirby said...

Well that's not a DC list! lol I'd drop the Furiosos for Preds of some sort and keep the fast vehicle theme and play mini-Eldar where if oyu get close I punch your face in.

Skellum said...

Ergh, well I tried at least >.<
I think I'll stick to the eldar street fighter style for the lower points till I get a game in, hopefully that'll provide some insight in to where to go lol

The_King_Elessar said...

Yeah, too many DC forces you to go for broke every time - and you can't table everyone. :)

Kirby said...

Oh hi TKE. I shld read your article in my inbox...

Eldar street fighter being using fast mech to play keep away and then poking them in the eye with some assualts Skellum? Games are good, batreps help as well!

The_King_Elessar said...

Eldar Assaults? What is this thing of which you speak? :S

Skellum said...

I'll try and send some stuff in once I get my stuff from wayland and make it. And after I rush through my nilla marines, that are staring dissaprovingly at me from the work bench lol.
And I can try TKE, I just don't want to bust out the footdar :P

Kirby said...

TKE Banshees rock, didn't you get the memo?

@Skellum...a Wayland order!? oh my! lol. Ya the unpainted models always make you feel bad huh.

Skellum said...

How can anyone forget striking scorpions, seriously if left 4 dead has taught me anything its that chainswaws eat face in close combat...
And yes they do make me feel guilty, its theat cold sad look in their eyes that gets me all the time :(

The_King_Elessar said...

You have my views on Banshees in your inbox, lazy. :p

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