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Sunday, June 27, 2010

F1 2010 Round 9: Valencia

Another very screwed up F1 race. Letting most of the field duck into the pits after a saftey car and gain an advantage of the race leaders becaues the safety car came out in front of most them (Vettel excepted & Hamilton also should of been stuck behind it) after they had passed pit lane...well screwed up. There's an investigation into it post race but I can't see much changing and Massa will certainly lose out due to stacking in the pits (I go for Massa & Ferrari btw :P). This just screwed up the whole race mechanics and I think rather than post-race penalties (if any are put in) or in-race penalties (like Hamiltons drive through which did...well nothing) race leaders who are disadvantaged in this should be let through back to the front after the pits in the order they came out of the pits. For example, an accident happens mid-lap and the saftey car comes out after the top 5 have passed pit lane but the rest of the field can pit. This then puts them behind the saftey car but not the top 5. The top 5 then pit and say 3 and 4 swap places due to better pit stops and are let through in the order they come out of the pits to the front of the race. In this example that would be 1,2,4,3,5. Whilst safety cars can be advantageous with refuelling in past years or closing gaps, it's a SAFTEY car for a reason and people shouldn't be gaining such a huge advantage from it. Even if it is investigated Massa isn't moving up, Alonso got passed by Kobayshi (which I'm fine due to Sauber strategy but Alonso shouldn't of been in that position) and the whole race unfolded differently (i.e. Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Massa were all really close).

Anyway, glad Webber & Heikki are okay and will get back to 40k posts tomorrow, promise!

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Anonymous said...

Hamilton shouldn't have been stuck behind it.... he slowed as he wasn't sure.... but if he would have continued at normal race speed he would have been ahead of it come the 2nd SC line... the one that matters! :p

Massa is terrible and needs to grow a pair! Alonso is a tool 'cus I say so!

The way you put it would make it very complicated behind the safety car and probably prolong the period of time the SC is out. But I see the problem... just isn't a simple way to fix it. F1 is strategic as much as luck and racing skill!

p.s. apparently Australians don't know how to use brakes! Or is it British cars have such bad ones they need to brake so early? I'm glad they both walked away fine.

Kirby said...

Ya once he hesitated though he should of stayed pat. I think the safety car should of allowed all 3 cars through. Vettel and Hamilton ended up not having any problems and Massa might of dropped a place or two due to stacking but it wouldn't of changed the game mechanic much.

That accident was just odd. Looked like Heikki parked himself in the middle of the road and then braked... Webber should of just gone around. Australian commentators now start bitching about slow cars when the BBC have been doing it from day 1 lol.

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