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Saturday, June 26, 2010

NBA Draft

Busy weekend for me so won't get many posts until Monday I imagine myself, hopefully guest authors will pick it up! I've got one scheduled for later tonight so you can sink your teeth into that. Disappointed with the Blazers' draft, trading Webster I think was a poor choice and firing Pritchard...well no good but we all knew it was coming. I think Webster had a lot more upside than Rudy on the defensive end and whilst not as versatile on the offensive end, was a much better 3 point shooter, especially seeing as they are trying to shop Rudy anyway... Don't know enough about college players to say whether or not the Blazers had good picks but they have depth anyway and just need to stay healthy.

Otherwise Wall & Evans going first seemed pretty obvious so now onto the Free Agent class of 2010!?!? woot. I'd love to see one or two of Wade/James/Bosh in Chicago (specifically Wade or Bosh as I think they'd mesh the best). Let's see what July brings.

4 pinkments:

Brent said...

...what strange language are you speaking?

Aren't you an Aussi?

eriochrome said...

The player salary system is such that the big names just do not move much unless they have reasons other than money. James probably has a reasons not sure about the other guys.

Brother Loring said...

I don't know what you're talking about, but I'll have round 2 of BtB tomorrow.

Kirby said...

I speak many sport languages Brent =D.

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