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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Email in: 1500 Guard

"Hi mate,

earlier this year I took my guard to a tournament at Warhammer World and went 5-1 with it (hadn't played with Guard since 2nd Ed!), I thought it would be the first and last time I use my guard but alas time constrains have meant I haven't been able to finish my Wolves and as such will be using the IG again!

The tournamenty I went to used comp and as such that dictated somewhat my army list (also ran non-BRB missions), the tournament I'm going to next has no comp and only uses BRB missions so does this list still cut it or would you reccomend changes?

Thanks for your time!

Company Command Section 145
4 Melta Guns
Chimera, hull Heavy Flamer

Pysker Battle Squad 145
3 additional Psykers
Chimera, hull Heavy Flamer

Infantry Platoon 405
Platoon Command Section
4 Melta Guns
Chimera, hull Heavy Flamer

Infantry Squad
Sergeant has Melta Bombs
Chimera, hull Heavy Flamer

Infantry Squad
Sergeant has Melta Bombs
Chimera, hull Heavy Flamer

Special Weapon Squad
3 Flamers

Veterans 165
3 Melta Guns
Chimera, hull Heavy Flamer

Inducted Inquisitorial Storm Troopers 60
2 Flamers

Vendetta Gunship 130
Vendetta Gunship 130

Manticore 160
Manticore 160

Love Saint x"

Good job on your 5-1 finish Saint. There are quite a few changes we could do with this list though, specifically the Elites & Troops section. Your infantry platoon is all over the place and seems you're just using it for more Chimera hulls. The PBS also needs to be 2 squads at a minimum, or don't take them. This ensures you get at least one weaken resolve or blast off on average each turn. I might drop them, the Special Weapons squad and ISTs then for another Vet squad and provide each infantry squad with an AC/meltagun instead of the flamer/mbombs. This gives you the 2 meltavets into the Vendettas and more suppression fire through the Infantry ACs. I'd also try and add ACs to the Platoon & Command squads. This keeps your Chimera wall but makes the whole army more streamlined and you can either move forward with your Chims/Vendettas or play stand-offish.

5 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

Yeah, I don't much care for infantry in Chimeras. Vet simply do it better with regards to mechanized units.

Cheap blobs or bubblewrap is perfect for infantry though.

The_King_Elessar said...

I think the list lack ranged punch and Melta, but I think 'all over the place' is unnecessarily harsh. In fact, I think it better than the mixture of AC and Melta in a mounted Inf Sq.

However, I have been wrong before.

Kirby said...

How rude TKE ^^. 20pts is an easy fix for Infantry/Vet squads in terms of providing anti-tank and suppression but as Chumb said, Vet squads are often better with infantry blob but I believe Saint was going for a Chim spam army and without wholesale changes this fits the bill I believe.

Saint said...

Cheers guys!

Just came back from a one day tournament today, went 3-0 and came in 2nd overall by 1 pt!

Your suggestions are similar to what I was thinking and I will get to work making some ammendments.

A big issue I've noticed is ranged low AP shots, it's only really the vendettas who can deal with Tyrannofex etc unless I get very up close and personal.

The manticores are still proving their weight in gold and the melta vets today were legendary!

Funniest thing today was a mycetic spore having to shoot a chimera, blowing it up and the explosion killing a hive tyrant!

Cheers guys xx

The_King_Elessar said...

I'm not rude, I'm brusque. Like House. And I have a limp. Like House. And I know everyone lies. Like House.

In summary, I'm nothing like any popular TV characters. Wait...

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