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Friday, July 16, 2010

Email in: Tau question

"I enjoy your blog and I thank you for taking the time to write it. I was reading the tau articles and began to wonder about another use for kroot. Sure, they make great screens but could they also be used to direct traffic of falling back units? For example, if you have a squad of Broadsides that fail a moral check and has to fall back, they can’t pass through friendly models if the bases are too close together. Could that be used to your advantage by having enough kroot hiding behind the Broadside unit that even by rolling two 6’s, the unit can’t reach a table edge, thus giving you another turn to try and recover? This example assumes there’s nothing else boxing them in for a Trapped result.


This applies to any army and they sure can. It's especially useful for Biker armies who want to avoid combat through combat tactics or BA/Tyranid armies with buff bubbles (i.e. Tervigons/Tyrants or FNP/FC). Stringing units out and blocking forward or backward movement can keep units from fleeing the table and keep units stringed out to gain benefits from their bubbles. In this case though, you need to be very careful as if the kroot fail their Ld, they are gone. A canny opponent will then attempt to remove the Kroot with tank shocks/cover ignoring shots and force Ld tests so they don't get delayed so it might be better to use drones or a tank instead.

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Hooray for utility units.

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