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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Email in: VV and Devs [1500 BA]


Thanks again for the previous advice on a 1500pt JP BA list. It's been rocking of late. I'm amazed at the VV. HI combined with DoA is just pure awesome and a ton of fun. Using an all JP force has also forced me to be a lot more careful in my tactical planning, which is a very good thing.

A few nights ago I decided to try my normal JP list minus the VV. I replaced the two VV squads with two 5-man Dev. Squads with 4 x MLs each. I was playing a very shooty Codex Space Marine player. A long story short, the Devs were very impressive. They provided a great fire support base and allowed my assault squads to quickly move across the field. Oh and I also tossed in Mephiston and a small DC squad. I had yet to try either and thought it couldn't hurt to give them a shot. They were obviously a huge point sink, but kept my opponent occupied while the RAS squads moved towards his objective (we played Capture and Control).

So now that I've run two 1500pt lists, one with VV and the other with Devs, I'm considering combining the two. Who better to ask than the folks at 3++? By dropping Meph and the DC I could easily put back the two VV squads with Glaive and SS each. The 4 ML Devs would also remain.

Here's the list:

Libby w/ JP, Lance and Shield [125]
2 x Sang Priests w/ JPs [150]
2 x RAS w/ 2 x MGs and PF each [470]
1 x RAS (5-man) w/ MG and Ifernus Pistol [125]
2 x VV w/ Glaive and SS [370]
2 x Devs with 4 x MLs each [260]
Total 1500pts

What do you think? Bad idea? Good idea? More of a fun idea? ;)


Glad the Jumper lists are working for you, both with VV and Devs. I'm still a firm believer in the VV concept but I'll be making a Dev variation too, worry not! I think combining them dilutes your forces too much however and really makes the VV paper weights due to lack of SS, even at this points. What you're suggesting can work (though with some changes) but I think one or the other is a better route as you end up trying to cram too much into the list. I tried to make a list like this at 2k but you end up with only 2 FNP/FC bubbles with the Jumpers, no HG and only 3 SS on the VV's and are still some points over unless you cut back one of the ASM squads. Again, I would propose Jumper w/VV or Jumper w/Dev.

In regards to your list though (if you did want to try it out), drop the 5-man squad and make the Devs 3x5 w/2 MLs + add a Sang Priest on foot leaving you at 1495pts. This dilutes your total firepower a bit but increases your damage potential as you can shoot 3 targets and also makes your firebase a tough nut to crack. 20x FNP Jumper marines is also enough @ 1500 but again, the VV are pretty weak.

10 pinkments:

The_King_Elessar said...

Pic I offered was waaayyy cooler. :p

Chumbalaya said...

Devs and Sanguinary Guard would be a good team up.

Kirby said...

ya which you offered after I went to bed...and it was uh...gerat TKE lol. Great even.

That's a good idea Chumby :p.

Borkai said...

VV's don't have decent of angels in their special rules (page layout for veterans or army list section), it isn't mentioned in their FAQ either? Both sang guard and ASM have decent of angels in their special rules desciption. My point is the VV will scatter 2d6 before doing their heroic intervention...

Chumbalaya said...

Check the DoA rules, any unit with a jump pack gets it.

Brother Loring said...

It doesn't Chumby!

I've just re-read! Interesting. VVs remain failtastic!

It just says any unit with this special rule... and it is not noted in either of their listings.


jbh129 said...

Read the entry for jump pack (p.62 of the codex) and stop being stupid. Of course they have DoA

Brother Loring said...

Once again, thank you jbh129!

The_King_Elessar said...

Why does this KEEP coming up?!

It's not hard to LEARN TO READ! RAWR!


Kirby said...

Ya jbh129/Chumb are right, sorry BroLo. Jeez, all my Jumper lists would be sad pandas otherwise :p.

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