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Monday, July 12, 2010

Kroot Alternatives

Busy tonight I'm afraid (I've got a couple minutes before the missus gets in :P) so nothing of note until tomorrow afternoon (maybe morning) and since Vassal isn't on this computer, the Cornering article w/diagrams will have to wait for then I'm afraid! Maybe the guest authors might drop something *wink wink* =D!

So I've noticed a lot of talk or requests around the internets of what to use instead of Kroot or Kroot Hounds (which are expensive). We'll look at the hounds first. The easiest option is to not buy them and just use Kroot. Whilst you have to find 1-7 pts extra in your army list and they aren't as good in combat, it's not game breaking and is certainly easier on the pocket book. If you still wanted to use hounds though t here are quite a few plastic ranges out there such as Chaos Hounds which you could use. Tiny bit of Green stuff work and you've got Kroot Chaos Hounds!

The more 'major' dilema is of course using Kroot themselves (because sacrificing Kroot isn't for the Greater Good...uh what?). If you're really that set on not using Kroot in any shape or form, your army will be worse off for it by just that little bit and it will cost you games. If you want to do this and still want (read: need) bubblewrap for your Tau army, the cheapest alternative are Fire Warriors. Whilst these guys are only 3 pts more expensive they lack of infiltrate and build-up of points makes these guys much worse off than Kroot although they do put out a bit more firepower in compensation (w00t?). However, if you don't want to use the Kroot models because you think they are ugly, don't like the concept, etc. but actually enjoy (read: get) their point on the battlefield, there are numerous options you can undertake to create "counts as" Kroot and I can't see too many tournaments being too heavy handed on you doing this. One such concept from YTTH is using converted drones and a quick search of the internet could net you more (i.e. Human auxiliaries as "counts as" Kroot).

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Ishamael said...

I actually use my Bloodletter models to act as my Kroot Hounds. If I come across someone that gives me crap about it, I have a hilarious little story about how a single Lesser Daemon lost combat to two Pathfinders. And by combat I mean he was swayed by the rhetoric of the Greater Good. Bloodletters don't have good reasoning skills.

JRV said...

I made some Human Aux from a mix of FW and Cadian's to count as my Kroot. Works a charm.

Extirpation said...

Fluff wise gue'vesa(humans) are also used as bait in The Kauyon. So it would be appropriate to use them in place of kroot, especially since their profiles are fairly similar. The only problem would be the kroot guns, which would need to be represented in some shape or form.

The_King_Elessar said...

Kroot rifle = Autogun?

I'm thinking Orlock Hive Gangbangers.

Extirpation said...

Hmm, thats a great idea, In fact most necromunda even Delaque look like they might be wearing camo-cloaks and van saar look very military esque.

However, you could just give cadians boltguns. It's not as "good" of an idea as an awesome necromunda conversion, but it wouldn't come with a $42 price tag.

Anyway, Gue'vesa themed armies would be fun to build, at the very least.

Old Shatter Hands said...

LOTR Wargs as kroot hounds are great and inexpensive.

Kroot models are sweet man, who wouldn't want to use them???

Sholto said...

For Hounds use plastic Kroot and do an arm-swap with some Gaunts. Fits in with the Pech evolutionary process, and looks pretty cool.

Kirby said...

@Sholto; pics!

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