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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mistake Mondays #2: This is Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into


#1: Troops Disembarking from Vehicles
This one is a doozy, because there are about a million associated restrictions and exceptions. First of all, remember that no matter what, you count as moving when you disembark. If the vehicle was stationary before you got out, you can otherwise act normally (moving, shooting, assaulting, etc). If the vehicle moved before you got out, you don't get to move or assault at all.

Also note that when you disembark, you do so within 2" of the exit points- and this 2" is measured base-to-hull (or door, as it may be), so you can basically get 2" of "free" movement this way.

#2: Cover and Shooting Redux
Unlike close combat, you are always allowed to choose not to shoot some of your weapons, for any (or no) reason. How is this useful? Models that don't shoot are not included when determining cover for the target, so if your Lascannon is the only member of the squad that can hurt that Rhino and he's got a clear shot, you're golden.

#3: The One Imperative
A roll of '1' on a die is only an automatic failure on to-hit rolls, to-wound rolls, and saves. Other rolls- most notably reserves (unless you are an idiot-savant Autarch), but also special rules like Five Minutes and to Launch or Blessings of the Omnissiah- do not automatically fail if you have enough modifiers.

#4: Movement and Measuring
During the movement phase, you are allowed to change your mind after measuring distances and/or moving a unit (so long as you haven't proceeded to move other units, of course). However, before moving at all you must decide whether to make a Difficult Terrain test; if you do, you are bound by the results of the test and will count as moving even if you choose to stay in place. If you don't, you cannot enter difficult terrain at all during that phase.

#5: Going to Ground
You may choose to voluntarily Go to Ground after all hits and wounds have been determined, but before any saves are taken. You will remain that way until the end of your next turn, or until you fail a morale test (Space Marine players take note!)

#6: Placing Objectives
In Seize Ground, objectives are placed before deployment zones are decided and may not be within 12" of each other or a table edge. In Capture and Control, they are placed after sides are picked and have no particular restrictions. Be aware that some groups do not allow objectives to be placed on the higher levels of a ruin, although this is perfectly acceptable by the rulebook.

#7: Night Fighting
Night Fighting distance is 2d6 x3, not anything else. A unit that declares a target and then rolls insufficient to "spot" it can take no other actions during the shooting phase.

#8: Barrages and Vehicles
Barrage weapons always hit vehicles on the side armor (and thus generally have at least a moderate chance of penetrating), no matter the arc they were fired from. Ordnance Barrage weapons cannot be fired if the vehicle moved or if it shoots any other weapons.

#9: "Impassible" Terrain
Jump Infantry, Jetbikes, and Skimmers are all allowed to move onto otherwise-flat impassible terrain such as closed-off buildings, large mesas or boulders, etc. Such terrain is counted as difficult for them, however, and requires the normal check when exiting or entering.

#10: Playing for Turn 6
Our obligatory playstyle mistake, as opposed to rules mistakes. A full one-third of your games will end without you ever seeing the sixth turn; this should never come as a shock to you. ALWAYS be prepared for the game to end at the bottom of five unless there is absolutely no way you can win in such a situation. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have heard the phrase "But if the game had just gone one more turn then I would have..."

That's all for this week's installment. Until next time, may all your victories be devastating and your advances sweeping.

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Chumbalaya said...


Brother Loring said...

I see 6 happening regularly. 8 is kinda news to me, but meh I don't have such an option.

Getting the balance right of playing as it's the end of the game and not putting yourself in difficult position if it continues is tough and needs to be thought about in turn 4 or before. Will you want to turbo-boost bikes/move skimmers flat-out onto objectives in turn 5 so they get cover saves turn 6? If so... think about it in turn 4.

Another great article Puppy!

For the first time I think I'm pretty good on all of the above points. Check me out!

DiabloCableGuy said...

#9 can be pretty useful, and it can be hilarious against a daemon army with no shooting.

Question that came up during a game yesterday, does Eldritch Storm, and I guess by extension all over blast psycic powers, scatter?

AbusePuppy said...

I am of the understanding that Eldritch Storm does scatter, but don't quote me on that.

Most psychic powers that use a blast marker do scatter, although there are a few exceptions (SW Thunderclap, for example, and GK Holocaust.)

AbusePuppy said...


Yes, it's a pretty big subject. At some point it will be the topic of an article, but I wanted to give it at least casual mention here, as it's something that seems to come up pretty much every single tournament I'm in at least one game.

Meister_Kai said...

Lol, and here my friend was talking about how he could move his tank 12", move 8 (6+2)", fleet, assault. Guess not huh.

2 was actually something I didn't know, I'll have to remember that. Seems like utilizing strategy like that could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Chumbalaya said...

You can assault if your transport was open topped (or a Land Raider), but you can't move after disembarking unless the transport didn't move before.

Kirby said...

Another good set of points Puppy! I find a lot of basic mistakes are bad in regards to #10 (cough Warseer playing eldar cough), 2 and 4. 4 gives you some excellent 'pre-measuring' shenanigans whilst 2 is all about placement of your important weapons :).

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Where are you quoting '8' from>?

Messanger of Death said...

@ Marshal Wilhelm - Page 60 in the bullet point "The centre of the blast ends over the vehicle hull". The last sentence of the paragraph.

Abuse Puppy may want to reword point 8 to take into consideration the second bullet point.
"... The armour penetration roll is resolved against the AV facing the centre of the marker, regardless of the position of the firer..."

Something like... "Direct hits by barrage weapons are always resolved against side armour of vehicles..."


TMiles001 said...

#8 fast vehicles can move 6" and fire ordinance barrages,

Marshal Wilhelm said...


westrider said...

A little late to the party here, but it's linked on the Articles page, so it might still be relevant.

On #8, remember that, unless otherwise prohibited*, Vehicles may fire Ordnance Barrage Weapons as regular Ordnance Weapons, even if they Moved. Subject, of course, to all the normal restrictions on firing Ordnance Weapons, so no other Weapons that Turn, etc.

*The Griffon and Colossus come to mind.

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