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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vince is back and has brought the Plague with him...

Posted by Vinsanity. Schedule posts please authors!

Hey all, Vinsanity here back from my cruise. Overall it wasn't too bad, went to New Caledonia islands and Vanuatu as well and it was quite nice, a welcome break from the chilly Winter in Sydney. I came down with Bronchitis just before I left unfortunately which was a bit lame but oh well, sort of getting over it now.

So, LoT is just 3 days away and I know that Kirby is a busy bee painting his termagaunts and gribbly monsters in time for the tourney. Go Kirbs go! Ive got a little bit to paint myself, but its nothing compared with what he is faced with :D Ive got 4 Rhinos, 1 Vindicator and 3 Obliterators (and also maybe a Daemon Prince if I want to paint up a new one) to finish before Friday...

I mentioned in my last post that I was forced to abandon the Templars since I would not finish them in time and so now I am taking Death Guard (woot!). Its been a while since I've used ye old Nurgle boys but I'm quite excited about taking them to the tourney and although my list is not optimal by any means, it should be enough of a force to be reckoned with in the Aussie tourney scene.

So my list:

1750 Nurgle CSM – Lords of Terra Open


Chaos Daemon Prince - Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime  175


7 Plague Marines - 2 Meltaguns, 1 is a Aspiring Champion with Powerfist, Combi Melta
Mounted in Rhino APC with CombiMelta upgrade  276

7 Plague Marines - 2 Meltaguns, 1 is a Aspiring Champion with Powerfist, Combi Melta
Mounted in Rhino APC with CombiMelta upgrade  276

7 Plague Marines - 2 Plasmaguns
Mounted in Rhino APC with Havoc Launcher upgrade  241

7 Plague Marines - 2 Plasmaguns
Mounted in Rhino APC with Havoc Launcher upgrade  241

Heavy Support

3 Obliterators 225
Chaos Predator - Twin Linked Lascannon, Sponson Lascannons  165
Chaos Vindicator - Daemonic Possession, Dirge Caster  150

Total : 1749/1750

Overall, not bad I think. The pred is a bit pricey and the Vindi might not be that flash but overall its less painting which is most important :D

What do people think of the list? What lists will give me trouble? What missions will this list be better at? Thanks guys!

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Borkai said...

Ahh Vin, love the use of Plasma and Melta (not just opting for straight melta), I hope the plasma pays off against those FNP bloodies. I also have a soft spot for plasma since I mainly play nids, and hate losing wounds on my MCs to plasma from across the field, if they melta me, i will eat them next turn :).

Zippy mech eldar could give you serious problem in objective missions.

I feel IG will give you a really hard time, battlecannons and the like will really hurt your scoring units if they are demounted from their metal boxes. So i really hope you don't meet some well bubblewrapped Leman Russes.

The 3 oblits will be sterling against almost everyone (if they survive your oponents weather of bullets), sadly they are your sole infantry (other than the HQ), so target priority could hurt you there.

Overall I like your army, good luck :)

Chumbalaya said...

Not taking 9 Oblits and only having 1 DP will be a problem methinks. But, it is kangarooland where comp is king so I guess it's better than getting reamed for being "cheesy".

Good luck.

Auretious Taak said...

Yeah my mate Jason had his IG list rejected and a resubmit asked for, so he is taking GK's instead which are soft as...List looks okay, more then enough anti-tank for a comp tourney. One thing I found from Leviathan was a single vindicator was pretty solid in performance, whereas usually you run them in pairs minimum.

Randomly, I won't be headed to Canberra till Sunday so will be the stand in army guy on Saturday at Lords. No idea what I'm taking, something thrown together on the fly I think. In any case, will see you there Vinsanity.

Best of luck and grudge Kirby first round so as to beat his arse!

k.Blas said...

I have absolutely nothing to back this up, but what about a duo of Defilers? Or at the bare minimum to change out the Pred for a single Defiler then?

Brother Loring said...

Agreed on the Inclusion of more Oblits +/- a 2nd Prince.

Really... lists rejected? That sounds like a whole load of COMP BS!

Ishamael said...

I have no idea on how anyone can play in a comp environment except pure love of the game.

I'd be able to criticize if it were the case that it wasn't a comp event.

Good luck!

Auretious Taak said...

Ahhh no choice in the matter?

Why do you think I'm building a 5/5 (5 is weakest) comp list Legion of the Damned themed army for tourney use from next year when it is done and completed?

Well actually it's to throw it in peoples faces when i beat their lists with a piece of piss shit list but at least I'll be living up to the epitome of what a Comp environment is supposed to reflect, taking the statistically weaker army overall and pulling out wins as a whole. A 4/5 or 5/5 cpomp score is the equivalent of turning a single loss into a win in terms of overall ranking so play them really well and you can podium.

Worst thing I've read inr esponse to comp recentlyw as some chap on wargamerau who stated he never runs anything more then a 4/5 comp list and preferrably not more then the 3/5 list because he dislikes losing. This coming from a supposedly experienced tourney veteran who is also supposedly an exceptional player...

Meh, we have to play in the system so we'll play in it. I was surprised the TO rejected the list, this one usually doesn't and I know him well and have played and talked to him alot on the subject so yeah bit of a shock there.

Stand in guy I shall be.

Kirby, you better play 4 minute player turn speed 40k in the 1 hour lunch with me. That will make an excellent bat rep here. Taak Vs Kirby Lords of Terra Lunchtime Speed 40k in 40 minutes, 1,750pts. Who wants to see it? I do, I do :D

Kirby said...

You'll have issues with killing things and mobility (key issue here) but you have good staying power. Silly comp. When's Alex doing his non-comp tourney? It should be 3++con lol.

Kirby said...

Oh and screw the mini game during lunch lol. I need to eat! If I finish my game before hand early though sure (or last game).

GWvsJohn said...

I think 28 Plagues is overkill at 2k, let alone 1750. 21 is more than enough to take and hold objectives. I think you'll get more burn out of all melta squads, but if you want to bring plasma, I guess that's ok :)

I think you need a 2nd Prince. Especially with only 3 oblits, that loner is your only really scary unit turn 1. Once you add the 2nd prince, I think you have enough CC to drop the PF champs. That champ is a ton of points for a 1 wound model that still doesn't make the squad "good" at CC.

Your HS section is a mess. You'll get much better burn out of 2 preds or 2 vindies rather than 1 of each. How many oblits are you open to bringing? 2x2 plus the vindie (and some extra points) is better than 3 plus a pred IMO.

I guess it's probably too late to add new units, but some Crazed Gunmen (ML/tl auto dreads) could help this list.

Cyklown said...

As a non-chaos player I'm probably the last person to listen to, since I'm used to my melta coming in nice 6-man squads, but would mixing the anti-personel and anti-vehicle capabilities strengthen things any?

It seems like mixing it up so that there's plas in the rhinos with meltas on them and melta in the havoc-based rhinos might boost things. Or it's mean nothing performed quite the way you wanted to. *shrugs*. I'm not really used to firing two melta shots per squad.

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